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In the Loops Blog: On Winning, Halloween and Cheese

by Staff Writer / Anaheim Ducks
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By Joffrey Lupul
Ducks Winger

Updated October 31, 2009

Okay, I'm back. I'm on the plane to Phoenix for our game with the Coyotes. We finally just won again so I feel comfortable blogging. I didn't want to answer questions while I was typing on my computer instead of doing push-up pyramids. The win feels good but the reality is, it's one game and we have some making up to do for our recent play on home ice...OMG, Teemu just walked onto the plane wearing a George Bush mask. What a legend!

That leads me to my next topic, Halloween. I can't tell you what I'm gonna be this year, because our team's Halloween party isn't for 10 days still. I guess that puts it somewhere between a Halloween party and a Christmas party. Oh well, a party nonetheless. Walking around dressed up as a '70s basketball player (last year's costume) on November 10th is grounds for ridicule though.

On my first blog I asked people to write in questions and or topics for me to write about. I was amazed at the response! Questions ranged from music to cars to my favorite cheese (really???). I honestly was expecting like 5 to 10 questions. I will try my best to write on all of them.

Last week I had the opportunity to go see U2 at the Rose Bowl with 100, 000 thousand people. Insane! I'm not a huge U2 fan but just to see a show of that magnitude was impressive. It was more of a spectacle than a real music performance, but that's what U2 is now. "Sunday Bloody Sunday" still pumped me up. "With or Without You" made me wanna be Bono in 1990 for just 10 minutes. Between a stage that looked like it might fly away any minute, to live video of a man on a US space station, I was impressed. That Bono seems like a pretty good guy. He may do some good in this world yet.

Oh yeah, Black Eyed Peas opened up for them. Slash came out and played "Sweet Child O' Mine" with Fergie. She was awesome!! Is she single? Does she read "In the Loops" blog??? One can only hope. (I didn't make that name up, by the way).

Well, we're starting our descent. I've gotta go get some sleep. Back-to-back games are always tough, but we have got some momentum going from tonight. Favre at Lambeau on Sunday will occupy my day off. Brett Favre is the man. Even he wouldn't wear a costume on a team charter though.

Congrats Scotty Niedermayer on 700 points. Amazing player, nicer guy.

Wait, I didn't get to any of your questions! Ummmm, my favorite cheese is gouda. With crackers. Ha.

- Loops

Updated October 13, 2009

After getting home from our first road trip of the year we got a much needed day off yesterday. The day off for me took a turn for the worse early, when I forgot that my housekeepers were coming at 8 a.m. (I swear you forget what day it is when you're on the road).

Later in the day the movers came over with all of my clothes and furniture from my old house in Philly. The clothes are now in an enormous pile in my spare bedroom, while the furniture all went to storage. They also brought me my favorite guitar (which i used to play the first song in my head -- Turn My Swag On by Soulja Boy (LOL). It was probably time I should have spent unpacking, come to think of it.

Another thing I was excited to get yesterday was my back-up set of golf clubs. I mention this because last week someone stole my set that I use in California out of the trunk of my car! (If you are reading this, GIVE ME BACK MY PUTTER!) Luckily, I have an extra set of clubs and can now use the excuse, "my clubs were stolen" to justify a lousy round. Maybe I'll even get a couple strokes from the boys now.

The road trip started in Minnesota for us and we were eager to get going after losing our first game at home. We came out and played a pretty solid road game. I scored my first goal of the season, which always seems to be a tough one to get. It was a pretty good feeling, but it didn't last long.

The next shift I went to block a shot and was hit with a puck right above the right eye. I was pretty sure when the puck hit me that my eye was okay. It was still scary because the blood was running in my eye and I couldn't see. It must have looked pretty bad though because I had a lot of messages on my phone from people making sure I was okay. I always tell my mom, "It looks worse than it is." She obviously didn't believe that because six of those messages I mentioned before were from her (love you, Mom!). Even more painful than the puck in the eye, was the fact that we somehow squandered a three-goal lead in the last 10 minutes and lost in overtime.

We were still winless and heading into play the best team in the East -- Boston. In Boston things finally fell into place and we played a solid game and beat them 6-1. Corey Perry scored the nicest goal of the season and another goal off his head. That is how you earn the nickname "Worm"!

From Boston we went to Philadelphia where I had played the two previous years. It was nice to be back there and see a lot of my friends and old teamates. We had a team dinner at my favorite restaurant there,  Del Frisco's.

One of the best parts of being on the road is just bonding with the guys. We are honestly like a bunch of kids on the road and it is awesome to travel city to city with a bunch of friends. That game was an emotional one for me. It was hard playing against some of those guys over there, but I wanted to win soooooooo badly. Luckily, come third period it didn't matter what anyone tried to do -- Teemu took over. He scored twice to tie the game for us and once in the shootout to win it. Safe to say he's still got it. Don't retire. Ever.

This blog will be done whenever I have free time. I encourage fans to send me your thoughts or questions and I will write on those topics. Topics do not have to be hockey-related by any means. I'm a huge music fan, love football and generally am very outgoing, so there's a wide range of topics to go along with hockey. (That kinda sounded like a personal ad for or something.) Oh well, I'm still getting the hang of this....

- Loops

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