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Got Milk, Teemu?

by Staff Writer / Anaheim Ducks
As if Ducks fans don't already think Teemu Selanne is magical enough, we were recently made aware of this commercial he made for Finnish milk company Valio Suomi.

The commercial has a fantasy feel to it, starting off with a little boy shooting pucks in the snow while wearing a Selanne Winnipeg Jets sweater. That's followed by the boy watching Teemu on TV (this time in a Ducks road jersey) backhand a puck into an empty net as the kid mimics his shooting motion. Eventually the boy encounters the real Selanne at night, as they skate around the neighborhood streets that magically turn to ice in front of them.

Somewhere in there, they drink some milk and ... oh heck, just watch it:

As an added bonus, there is this "Making of" video, in which we learn the whole thing was shot at Universal Studios (Selanne mentions a 12-hour first day of shooting) and the director says of Teemu, " He is doing a very good job acting at the moment."

One highlight is during the off-camera shots, where we see Teemu wearing one of our all-time favorites of his -- the "Baywatch" lifeguard jacket. Take a look:

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