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Carlyle Shares Thoughts on Contract Extension

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Shortly after signing a one-year contract extension through the 2018-19 season, plus an option for 2019-20, Ducks head coach Randy Carlyle spoke with members of the media via conference call. Below is the transcript.

Was this something you and Bob [Murray] had already started discussing? Was this something because of how successful the season was?
It was tied to the contract I had committed to previously. It was performance based. There was an opportunity, for myself, if I earned so many playoff wins, or whatever the criteria was. I was fortunate enough for Henry and Susan Samueli, Michael Schulman and Bob Murray to extend it.

Is that an unusual structure? Have you ever had anything like that before in your career?
I've had that - as far as moving forward with the group you're working for, they feel comfortable with what is going on. When I came back to Anaheim, it was a very comfortable situation from a standpoint of I knew everybody and I knew what the expectations were. There were some strategic points along the way that had to be hit, and that's what we're looking at, to build a championship.

With Paul MacLean no longer being a part of next year's picture, have you and Bob already started discussing that coaching position?
Yeah, we've had a discussion. The discussion we've had, going forward with our organization, is always about what we think the need is. We will evaluate the people that are available. Hopefully we can find somebody who fits the criteria who can be a benefit to our hockey club and coaching staff. The No. 1 thing is we have to find somebody who is going to be a guy who can relate to our players. That's not to say Paul MacLean didn't do that - that would be an incorrect statement. He's at a juncture in his career - he's looking at different things. He wants to be a head coach in the NHL somewhere along the line. Good for him. He's personal friend of mine. I played with him. All organizations evolve, and there are usually a lot of things that take place. People are looking for different situations. It was a mutual agreement with him and the organization that they were going to move on. Now we'll try to fill the void with the best qualified person we see fit.

So, none of that was a direct line drawn between the power play struggling, particularly in the playoffs?
I don't think you could draw that line. The power play, obviously we're not happy with what happened in the short term over the playoffs, but it was an effective tool for us. You can never lay one situation to be specifically the issue. I look at it as, we're a coaching staff. We're a union. We try to present the players with the best possible options available in the program in place for us to be a championship hockey club.

You have experience with Newell Brown and Dave Farrish. Would either of those guys fit that criteria?
I'm not at a point right now to divulge what criteria is available. I think it's better served to do things internally. We'll go forward from there.

Are there thoughts of going outside the box to bring in somebody?
We're looking at the best possible candidates. We deem this as an opportunity for a person to come in and apply his trade, as everybody else has done previously. It's going to take some time because there are lots of worthy candidates.

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