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Boudreau Speaks About Game 4 and Looking Ahead to Game 5

by Staff Writer / Anaheim Ducks

With the Ducks having arrived back in Orange County following a Game 4 victory in Calgary, Bruce Boudreau spoke to the media Saturday afternoon.

On if he’s thinking about getting past the Second Round for the first time as an NHL coach
To be honest, not really. I try not to think about it. I know it’s a cliché, but I’m just trying to think about tomorrow. If you think about tomorrow, everything else will take care of itself. I haven’t put any time into playing Chicago at all. The last two games or three games have been so tough, if you put the cart before the horse you’re in trouble. We’ve got a really tough opponent that will be very motivated tomorrow. If we don’t completely put our minds toward them, then we’re in trouble.

On what the Ducks have to do to win tomorrow
I think we have to play a complete game. Game 4 in Winnipeg was as great a game as we have played all year, and I think it will take that type of effort to win Game 5 tomorrow. In other words, we can’t have any lapses where they’re beating us one-on-one or we score a goal and they come back right after it, and we’re not engaged with them physically. If any of those things happen, there’s a good chance we won’t be successful. Even though we’ve been lucky enough to score a number of goals so far, it will be the type of game that will be 1-0 or 2-1 when it comes to elimination games.

On the play of Ryan Kesler
He was so depended on by me and the team, like on faceoffs in our own zone or when we had some chance to do some matchups. He was there. Penalty killing too. I mean, my goodness. When you’re killing penalties and you’re winning faceoffs, that’s so important in the overall scheme of things, and Ryan was doing it. Sometimes it doesn’t show up in the scoresheet, but his contributions are big.

On the play of Frederik Andersen
Obviously with three wins this series and four in the last, he’s been very good. He’s made the big saves at the right time, and that’s the important thing to me. You can make great saves when you’re down two or three goals, but when you make that great save when you’re up a goal or you’re tied, to keep your team in it, like he did yesterday, that’s really big.

On inserting Tomas Fleischmann into the lineup in Game 4
We thought he was okay. We thought he showed a little rust from not playing in this series. I really like what he did for the eight minutes, and he can played a variety of positions. He played the four-on-four, he killed a penalty and he does those things where I have faith in him. I don’t know that we’ll make any lineup changes right now, but we’ll get there in the morning and see where everybody is.

On the poise the Ducks have shown in the playoffs
We did a lot of good things last night, but at the same time we made a lot of sloppy mistakes, I thought. I think our group can play a lot better still, and I’m sure Calgary thinks their group can play a lot better. The will of our team is really good. What we did yesterday is we competed really hard, whether we made mistakes or didn’t make mistakes. The compete level of our team was really high, and it’s going to have to be just as high or higher tomorrow to be successful.

On the power play being better in the playoffs
It’s the same power play, but if anything the individuals have paid more attention to the details. We know what we’re supposed to be doing and we’re doing it. I think that’s probably the biggest difference, the attention to those details.

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