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Bieksa Talks Behind the Scenes of the 'Undercover Duck' Videos

The Ducks defenseman talks about his stint as a Honda Center security guard, Shovel Boy and other topics like his wife's novel and his funniest teammates

by Adam Brady @AdamJBrady /

Ducks defenseman Kevin Bieksa has put his sense of humor on display over the past year in a few "Undercover Duck" videos produced by the Ducks Game Entertainment staff.

Last year he posed as a "Shovel Boy" in helping clean the Honda Center ice during a Ducks preseason game against the Arizona Coyotes.

Video: Bieksa goes undercover at a Ducks preseason game

This season, he came back with a couple of gems: going in disguise as a security guard at the Honda Center players entrance before a preseason game against the Vegas Golden Knights.

Video: Kevin Bieksa - Honda Center Security

Later he posed as a fan taking part in an in-arena contest to win a puck signed by ... Kevin Bieksa

Video: Kevin Bieksa - Mitch the Fan

The well-received videos have several million views combined, and recently Bieksa talked about what went on behind the scenes, about his wife's novel "Newport Jane" and a little bit of Ducks hockey.

On how the videos came about
I don't know what was scripted, but it worked out well, and I remember watching it and I thought it was pretty funny. So when they approached me to take the next step, I thought obviously I'd like to be a part of something like that.

This year we kind of wanted to do something again, because we got such a good reception from last year. They gave me the scenario with the security guard, did a little more makeup and hair to try and remain anonymous. They gave me the freedom to kind of make people uncomfortable, and that's what I did. I was able to prepare what I was gonna do, and I just tried to make them as uncomfortable as possible without getting recognized.

On what was cut from the security guard video
There was some inside jokes that maybe the common fan wouldn't really understand, but certainly the guys on the team would. You can't really talk about it because a lot of it was explicit, but there were some funny outtakes.

On who had the best reactions
Getzy was the first guy, and he looked like he was genuinely upset with me. We go through security every game, and nobody gets between your legs and invades your personal space. He didn't like that. Cam didn't like it, but like Cam, he didn't really react or say anything, but I know what he was thinking in his head. Nick Ritchie was one of my favorites because I put him in the chair, and he just went limp. I spun him around and I was thinking about spinning him around a few times. And I almost started cracking up, so I had to stop for a second. [Ondrej] Kase was pretty funny too because he had no idea. He actually came back a half hour later, once he got changed, and said, 'I had no idea it was you.' He found out in the dressing room.

On who is the funniest Duck
People probably wouldn't realize it, but it's Cogs. When you see him, he's very professional, his interviews are head down, giving you the hockey cliches and keeping things professional. He's very smart and very witty. He does great impressions, he's very good at impersonating the coaching staff, and when he and Perry go at each other, it's pretty entertaining. He picks out funny things that people don't realize. Perry is funny too. He's another guy, you don't see his personality in the media, but he's a very funny guy. There are a lot of guys who catch you by surprise.

Here's the full interview, which was included in the most recent episode of Duck Cast, the official podcast of the Ducks:


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