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A Closer Look: Ben Lovejoy

by Staff Writer / Anaheim Ducks

The timing is good, since he just scored his first goal as a Duck to help Anaheim secure a point last Saturday night in San Jose. So, as seen in the latest edition of Ducks Digest, we got to know Ben Lovejoy a bit more with some pop culture questions. (Thanks to Ducks staffer Kyle Shohara for compiling these.)

TV show you can't live without

Parks and Recreation

Embarrassing song/artist on your iPod
I have a couple of One Direction songs

Funniest guy on the team
I honestly enjoy Bones [Nick Bonino] the most because he gets picked on a lot, but he’s good at laughing at himself. [Nick chimes in with “and making jokes back at people”].

Most embarrassing moment. 
I have no embarrassing moments. I’m never embarrassed with myself. That’s it.

Favorite road city
Playing in Boston. It was the team I grew up cheering for. I always have a lot of people come there. I love going there.

Favorite restaurant in Orange County
There are a lot to choose from. I like going to brunch at Pain du Monde. There are a couple of them around. That’s my favorite.

Best-dressed on the team
I think Matt Beleskey always looks good. He wears stuff that I would not be comfortable wearing, but he does it with confidence, and he looks good.

Worst-dressed on the team
Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf look like they bought a lot of high-end suits when they came into the league about nine years ago.

Electronic item you can't live without
I get made fun of a lot, but I’m addicted to my phone. It’s probably my most prized possession.

One thing you have to do pregame
I have to do so many things pregame. I don’t call them superstitions. I call them rituals or routines because routines doesn’t sound as weird.

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