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Wild Wingers Kids Club Program Lessons

Activity #1: Learn How to Draw Wing

Kids, have you ever wanted to draw your favorite mascot at home? Here is a step by step guide, thanks to UCI. Click the link below and print the file at home.

Click to View Instructions

Activity #2: Coloring with Wing!

Wild Wing wants YOU to gather your art supplies and get coloring! This week's Kids Club activity is a Wild Wing coloring page. Print out more than one copy to share with your family members! It's time to get artsy!

Click to View Coloring Page

Activity #3: Ducks Color-by-Number

Put on your thinking caps and get ready for some mental math! Solve each of the addition facts to decode the hidden picture. Make sure to check the key to determine which colors to use when shading in each tile! Can you use your math facts to figure out what they mystery picture is?

Click to View Worksheet

Activity #4: Wild Wing's Word Search

Wild Wingers! See if you can find all of the hockey words hidden in this Word Search Puzzle! Remember, words can be hidden horizontally, vertically, diagonally or backwards. When you're done, check your answers using the answer key on the second page!

Wild Wing's Word Search Puzzle

Activity #5: Wild Wing Board Game

Wild Wingers, it's time to get ready for game night! Board game night, that is! Download this customizable board game for a night of family fun. Choose a name for your game and shade in the spaces on the board in a color palette of your choice. Use small tokens from around the house and the DIY spinner to move around the board. The first skater to make it to the Stanley Cup wins!

Download the Board Game

Activity #6: Ducks Math Magic

Use your math facts to help crack the code! Solve each subtraction fact to help find the answer to the hockey riddle: Why was the magician so good at hockey? Make sure to double check your answers!

Download the Math Message

Activity #7: Ducks Maze

Help Wild Wing find his way to Honda Center in time for the game! Grab your pencil and see how long it takes to solve this tricky maze that's full of twists and turns! When you're done, check the answer sheet to see if you led Wing along the correct path!

Download the Maze

Activity #8: Wild Wing Puzzle

Wild Wingers, can you put all the pieces together to see how Wing celebrates a Ducks victory? Click and drag each puzzle piece to the correct location to see the completed picture!

Complete the Puzzle!

Activity #9: Create Your Own Ducks Jersey

Use this template to create your own custom Ducks jersey! Make sure to choose a color scheme and come up with a logo to make your jersey unique! Don't forget to add your name and number on the back of the jersey. You can also print the template twice, to design a home and away jersey set!

Download the Template

Activity #10: Ducks Word Scramble

Can you unscramble all of the hockey words? Write down your guesses on the spaces provided and then check your answers using the answer key at the bottom of the page! Good luck!

Download the Word Scramble