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Captain's Challenge Program Lessons

Activity #1: A Limber Leader

Staying physically active at home is important! Over the next few weeks, help CC complete all five Captain's Challenge activities. Each challenge has three parts: Warm-Up, Game-Time, and Post-Game. Do each activity multiple times to build up your endurance before the next challenge!

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Activity #2: Don't Stop the Beat

It's time to "Getz" going! Work with CC to find out what perseverance means as she gets your blood pumping in this week's aerobic capacity challenges. Learn how to calculate your heart rate and see how it changes during different activities. Looking for fun ways to connect fitness and math? Download the Lesson 2 playbook for educational worksheets that are sure to get everyone moving.

Lesson 2 Playbook

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Activity #3: Constructing Character

In Challenge #3, we have a series of mental and physical exercises that will put your fitness to the test. We'll let "You Make the Call" to show the integrity of your character. Our game-time is a fun round of exercises consisting of forechecks, hand passes, and divers. Finally, learn why a tough training session should always end with a good night's sleep.

Lesson 3 Playbook

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Activity #4: It Takes Guts

We're ABSolutely sure you're going to enjoy week #4! It's going to take plenty of guts to complete our exercises and strengthen your core. Courage may not always be easy to find, but we'll help you discover it in this week's activity. All these workouts will make you hungry for more! Let us know how you're going to fuel your body in order to complete the Calorie Cup.

Lesson 4 Playbook

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Activity #5: Got Your Back

Being a great captain requires accountability, and that's what we'll focus on in Challenge #5! As Captain, you'll have a chance to match the right responses to the tough questions reporters ask each game. You'll be surprised how much more flexibility you have when you exercise your lower back. Finally, challenge yourself to see how many screen free fun activities you can do at home!

Lesson 5 Playbook

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Activity #6: Take Action

Congratulations, you've completed the Captain's Challenge! Great captains are known to write down their goals to help them stay on track. Now, it's your chance to write down your own goals and see what you can accomplish this week! Challenge yourself with a fitness activity and maybe even a chore or two around the house. Take action and get moving!

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Activity #7: Captain's Challenge Circuit

This week we'll learn how captains rely on their unique strengths to lead. Take a look back at the history of the Anaheim Ducks to find out what made each captain special in their own way. Then, find out which type of captain you are! Using this information, challenge yourself to see how many fitness circuits you can complete!

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Activity #8: Workout with Wild Wing

Join Wild Wing as he leads this week's Captain's Challenge workout! Wild Wing set up a circuit of exercises for you AND your family to complete. Whether your fitness is at the level of a rookie or an all-star, challenge yourself to see how many rounds you can finish this week!

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Activity #9: Captain's Challenge Nutrition Tips

Being a captain is all about finding the right balance. The combination of achieving your fitness goals and developing healthy habits will fuel your body to success! Whether it's staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, or limiting your screen time, this week's activities will help keep your mind sharp and your body healthy.

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Activity #10: Wild Wing's Obstacle Course

Wild Wing took over the Honda Center parking lot for this week's fitness activity. All you need is chalk and creativity to join in from home! Whether it is on the sidewalk or in your driveway, see how many twists and turns you can use to create your very own obstacle course. Add new challenges to your course each day!

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