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When Your Charter Flight Gives You Lemons…

Devils charter plane gets stuck in five hour delay on way to Edmonton

by Julie Robenhymer /

The New Jersey Devils made a huge batch of lemonade yesterday when the plane taking them to Edmonton was accidentally damaged just prior to take off and they had to wait more than five hours (you read that right) before taking off in a replacement plane. 
The tow vehicle that helps a plane get in and out of tight spaces bumped the nose of the plane and put a dent in it. They were hoping they could put some aeronautical-approved tape on it (seriously) and let us on our way, but after the mechanics and engineers inspected it further, they decided the dent was too big, grounded the plane and called for back-up. 
Five hours, several card games, naps, movies, laughs, stories and scavenging for snacks later, the plane arrived and the team was able to depart for the five-hour flight to Edmonton that was filled with more card games, naps, movies, laughs and stories, but less music on the speakers.
Special shoutout to Adam Henrique for documenting the festivities on Twitter... 
Tweet from @AdamHenrique: . @Blockaid1 making the best of the delay. Need @wheelsup to send a plane

Tweet from @AdamHenrique: Update: hr 5. Keith is running out of snacks. @blockaid1 @kylepalmieri
 Embed - Twitter: Tweet from @Blockaid1: @AdamHenrique @kylepalmieri found the snack thief. Sharing is caring. Tweet from @NJDevils: @Blockaid1 @AdamHenrique @kylepalmieri LIVE look inside the team plane.

Tweet from @AdamHenrique: Update: made it, it's beautiful and @Blockaid1 found more snacks!

...all good hockey teams know when you're handed a major travel delay, you turn it into a team bonding event that you will tell stories about for decades. "Let me tell you about this one time we were stuck on a plane for five hours. They kept telling us the new plane would be here in 30 minutes....They lied!" 
The team finally arrived in Edmonton and was checked into the hotel by 11:30 p.m. local time. They will practice this afternoon at Rogers Place ahead of tomorrow night's game against the Oilers. 


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