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Travis Zajac surprises Lauren "The Warrior" Liff

Zajac and NJ Devil surprise Lauren Liff, one of New Jersey's biggest fans in the hospital

by Brian Born @BrianBorn /

There's no offseason when it comes to supporting those who always show their support of the New Jersey Devils. 

Lauren "The Warrior" Liff is one of New Jersey's biggest fans and always cheers on the Devils through her social media account. Liff is currently battling an illness and as of late, had to return to the hospital for further treatment. Liff took to her Twitter page (@LetsG0Devs) in need of an extra boost and a request to the Devils...A visit from the team. Luckily for her, the Devils were listening and delivered. 

Tweet from @letsg0devs: many retweets to get the @NJDevils to come visit me? Haha it worked for kinkaid... #LaurenTheWarrior #WarriorStrong ���� �� #njdforlife

The Devils responded on Friday with a very short, possibly dropping a hint that a meeting would be occurring in the near future. 

Tweet from @NJDevils: ���� #LaurenTheWarrior

Tweet from @letsg0devs: You responded! Yay!! Day = made �� ��

Check out the emotional meeting below and more as Devils forward Travis Zajac joined NJ Devil to provide a boost for Liff, who is not battling her illness alone. The Devils organization, fans and beyond are all fighting with her. 

Tweet from @NJDevils: Travis Zajac and @NJDevil00 surprise @letsg0devs this morning to spread well wishes as she continues her fight! #LaurenTheWarrior

Tweet from @NJDevils: #LaurenTheWarrior asked for retweets for a @NJDevils visit...Now we���re asking you to retweet this photo and show your support for @letsg0devs! Tweet from @NJDevils: Nothing like starting a Friday with a visit to one of our biggest fans, @letsg0devs! We���re all fighting with you. #LaurenTheWarrior

After hearing that Liff has a desire to sing the national anthem at Prudential Center, Devils anthem singer Arlette invited The Warrior to The Rock this summer to give it a shot! 

Tweet from @NJDevils: #NJDevils world-class anthem singer Arlette shares an open-invitation to @letsg0devs! #LaurenTheWarrior

Please reach out to Lauren "The Warrior" Liff, a true member of the Devils Family, as she continues her fight in the pursuit of making a speedy return to Prudential Center. 

Tweet from @letsg0devs: What an amazing surprise!!! Travis Zajac and @NJDevil00 came to visit me this morning and totally made my day! �� Thank you so much @NJDevils for being so amazing to your fans! I LOVE my team! ������LETS GO DEVILS!! �� #LaurenTheWarrior #WarriorStrong #njdforlife

Tweet from @letsg0devs: @NHL you can���t deny that the @NJDevils are by far the best organization in the league! Taking time out of their days to visit one girl (who happens to be their biggest fan) I���m a DEVILS fan and PROUD!! ��

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