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The Mount Rushmore of Devils Mustaches

by Brian Born @BrianBorn /

As we all are aware, it's Movember and mustaches are what's hot in the streets. The more ridiculous they look, the more iconic they become. So we're putting together the Mount Rushmore of Devils mustaches in franchise history.

Adam Henrique

Active Devils Representative

No surprise here, but Adam Henrique makes the list as the best mustache of active Devils. Rico makes the cut for two reasons:

  1. His 'stache is awesome.
  2. He runs unopposed as no one else on the bench has proven to make the bold facial hair decision. Rico wins by default.


Lanny McDonald

Franchise History Representative

Lanny McDonald never suited up as a Devil, but as a member of the organization's franchise history, we're allowing him to qualify. We understand if you disagree with the choice, but this picture is too good to pass up.


Red Gendron

Coaches Representative

There were a lot of muzzy's from the 1995 Stanley Cup Champion Devils to choose from. We settled on assistant coach Red Gendron to represent the franchise bench bosses. It's debatable but Red's throwback mustache makes Ron Burgandy look like a mere mortal.


Chico Resch

Broadcast Booth Representative

No Mount Rushmore of Devils Mustaches would be complete without Glenn "Chico" Resch. Chico's flavor savor looked just as good on the ice as it did in the broadcast booth. We were all witnesses.


For every great mustache worth praising, there was one that was worth mentioning, but for the wrong reason…

Least Honorable Mention: Martin Brodeur

Marty did a lot of things well with the Devils. Practically everything. MB30's decision to show up to his 1990 draft day with this face caterpillar wasn't one of his best choices.


Embrace Debate!

Who didn't make the Mount Rushmore of Devils Mustaches that you think belong? Tell us in the comment section.

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