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Thank You

by Anthony Oliva / New Jersey Devils
Great FInland vs Slovakia game.  I hope tomorrow brings the same energy and excitement.

I wish I had some musical talent, because I've always wanted to put together the liner notes of a CD booklet.  Since my days of 3rd grade recorder class and "Hot Cross Buns" are long gone, this is probably my only chance.

Firstly, big thanks to Cameron Hughes for taking me on as his PA for the Olympic Games.  Without him, none of this ever happens. 

Thanks to Devils management for taking a big chance with this project and letting me run with the ball.  All around, I hope I've met everyone's expectations and we can do something like this again.  It's been an immense amount of work that included a 46 hour sleepless period, but a lot of fun, too.

Special thanks to my video editor back at the ranch, too.  You rock, Gene!

I've met so many cool people here in Tancouver (it's warm, remember?).  Thanks, Lorian, for showing me around town and criticizing my accent.  Thanks to my new best friend, Rob.  Dude, we ate gold medals together! 

Thank you so much, Canadian women's hockey team for letting us chomp on your gold medals. 

Shoutouts to the other performers in the green room: the Flash Mob, Umbrella People, the guys from Rags to Radio, Stan, Margeaux, Megan, Kyle (you still owe me a shot), Crazy P, and Gord (love chatting hockey!).

Thanks to Thea the usher for keeping me company while I watched the games in your aisles.

Thanks to Mary for saying I should be a stand-up comedian because my head is slightly too big for my body.  I guess that was nice of you.  Maybe.

Thank you DayQuil, oranges and rainbow rolls for being my main source of sustinance the past two weeks.

Thanks to Quatchi for being the most ridiculous mascot I've ever seen.  I will keep that lock of your hair forever.

Thanks Megan, Sam and Emily for keeping me up to speed with what's going on back home.  I'm sorry for not wearing the Swagga Like Me tee shirt on television.

Thanks to all the athletes and celebrities that took the time out of their day to say hello, shake my hand and give me the time of day.

A mighty thank you to all the Devils fans out there who tuned in to the videos, read the blogs, retweeted and clicked the Facebook "Like" button.  If there are no fans, I have no job.  Be loud at the Rock and show your colors when you're not there!  The stretch drive is here. Playoff hockey begins now!

Finally, thanks, Mom and Dad. Just because.

The game is only a few hours away, and I've got to pack.  I bid you adieu.  You can follow along the rest of the way with Twitter.

I want to know what you've thought of this special Olympic Coverage from Vancouver.  Shower me with love or tell me off here.
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