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#RELENTLESS Fan of the Game: Joe White

by Gordy Stillman / New Jersey Devils
Joe White says his Martin Brodeur jersey is an exception to his general habit of collecting uncommon jerseys. His all-time favorite is his Bill Guerin sweater, which he got signed after a Devils game on his birthday many years ago. 

NAME: Joe White

AGE: 43

SECTION: I’m a Flex Member, and shift between sections 20 and 7. I like to be in the attacking zone, and the flex package gave me good options.

HOMETOWN: I’m originally from Neptune, but currently come to games from Cherry Hill.

CAREER: I work in retail.

I HAVE BEEN A SEASON TICKET MEMBER FOR: 3 years, beginning in 2013-14.

I HAVE BEEN A DEVILS FAN SINCE: 1985. A friend of mine’s father had season tickets, brought me to a game and I was sold. That first game was intense. There were a lot of shots, a lot of hits and a lot of goals, on both sides. I think the final score was 6-5. It was a lot of fun.

BEFORE EVERY DEVILS GAME, I MAKE SURE: I wear one of my jerseys. I’ve got a couple that I alternate between. If the Devils win, I’ll keep wearing the same jersey. In addition to my Martin Brodeur jersey, I also still wear a Bill Guerin jersey, as well as a Randy McKay one. Besides Brodeur and Scott Stevens, McKay is one of my favorite players. I’ve also worn the same hat for the past two seasons. I like different, I typically buy jerseys you don’t see a lot of, with Brodeur as an exception.

YOU WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW THAT: I’m a marathon runner. So far, I’ve run two full and six half-marathons.

MY FAVORITE CURRENT PLAYER IS: Jon Merrill. I just think he’s fun to watch. He’s got a really great future and I’m looking forward to hopefully watching him for a lot of years.

IF I COULD ASK HIM ONE THING: How do you train, for cardio fitness, to stay in shape for a game?

MY FAVORITE MARTY MOMENT IS: His first goal, against Montreal. You knew he was trying to do it, and when he got up and let it go, you just knew it was going to go in. I was sitting in the 14th row, right behind the goal he was shooting on.

MY FAVORITE PIECE OF DEVILS MEMORABILIA IS: My Bill Guerin jersey. It’s actually signed. I met him and John MacLean on the same night after a game, March 16, my birthday. We went to the game, and the Devils spanked the Lightning. We went out to John MacLean’s old bar, and then went north to a place Guerin was at. I actually had a drink with him; he was celebrating his girlfriend’s birthday when we ran into him. It was a place he had heard Devils players went to after games, and we were hoping to find some players.

I AM #RELENTLESS BECAUSE: I am 100 percent at everything that I do. I don’t do anything halfway, when I’m in, I’m all in. I want to see the Devils win the Stanley Cup every year. I get so frustrated when they lose, I’m that guy who’s a pain in the neck on the train ride home because I’m just miserable.

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