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#RELENTLESS Fan of the Game: Jim Bitwinski

by Staff Writer / New Jersey Devils
Season Ticket Member Jim Bitwinski became a New Jersey Devils fan when his family got cable and he could watch every game on TV. Bitwinski's favorite player is Adam Henrique, who holds a special place for Bitwinski for scoring the final goal of the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals. 

NAME: Jim Bitwinski

AGE: 54



CAREER: I am a computer analyst.

I HAVE BEEN A SEASON TICKET MEMBER FOR: Five years. I had partial plans at the Meadowlands in the late ‘90s and went to a number of games in other years. I bought every playoff ticket in 2000 and 2001 as well. Those two years were tremendous.

I HAVE BEEN A DEVILS FAN SINCE: 1983. I grew up watching the Rangers and later the Islanders on TV as they started clicking. In 1983 we got cable…every Devils game was on there…I started watching every game.

BEFORE EVERY DEVILS GAME, I MAKE SURE: I always wear a jersey and a hat. I sometimes wear my Scott Stevens jersey, but it’s from when we’d wear white at home. I’ll probably get another jersey, and I’m trying to wait and see who’s our next rising star.

YOU WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW THAT: Before coming to the game, I frequent Taste Venue. We have a great group of people that come to every game. We love our bartender, Vanessa, and it was her birthday yesterday. This morning I baked a piecrust from scratch, made chocolate pudding and whipped cream from scratch. Before the game we assembled it at the bar, and after the game we’re going to eat it and celebrate her birthday.

MY FAVORITE CURRENT PLAYER IS: Adam Henrique. He’s who I’ve been leaning towards for my next jersey. I love him for 2012 when he sent the Rangers home in the conference final game.

IF I COULD ASK HIM ONE THING: What do you do in your downtime to relax?

MY FAVORITE MARTY MOMENT IS: When the Devils won the Stanley Cup in 1995. He was two years into the league, but he played so good. When he ran out there, gloves off, seeing him holding the Cup, I thought “man, how did we get this guy?” and he just got better and better. I’ve always bought tickets in the side the Devils defend twice, because I wanted two periods of Marty. Best goalie I’ve ever seen.

MY FAVORITE PIECE OF DEVILS MEMORABILIA IS: I have a John Madden jersey from the 1999-2000 season. I received it from a good friend of mine and her then-husband. I went to all of the playoff games with him last year as he got into hockey, and they bought me the jersey. It has special meaning because he passed away about five years ago. I wear it all the time and I always think of him.

I AM #RELENTLESS BECAUSE: I never give up, and I hope the Devils don’t either.

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