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#RELENTLESS Fan of the Game: Don Girone

by Gordy Stillman / New Jersey Devils
Season ticket member Don Girone was recognized as the New Jersey Devils' #Relentless Fan of the Game on January 2, the night Girone attended his 1,500th game. A fan since the franchise moved to New Jersey, Girone cast multiple votes in the contest that gave the team its name. 

NAME: Don Girone

AGE: 60


HOMETOWN: Jersey City

CAREER: I am an accountant for an insurance broker.

I HAVE BEEN A SEASON TICKET MEMBER: For 33 years. Since 1982.

I HAVE BEEN A DEVILS FAN SINCE: As soon as they moved, in the summer of ’82. I voted in the Bergen Record to name the team. I sent three votes in for my mother, my brother and myself to name the team the Devils, because I liked it so much…That’s when I found out about the legend of the Jersey Devil in South Jersey.

BEFORE EVERY DEVILS GAME, I MAKE SURE: I usually wear a hat, but on special occasions I’ll wear a jersey. I have a few of them from my tenure as a season ticket member. After every game, I always go to Tops Diner.

YOU WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW THAT: I detest the Rangers with a passion, but before the Devils came to town, I didn’t know better and rooted for them.


IF I COULD ASK HIM ONE THING: If not for hockey, what type of career would you pursue?

MY FAVORITE MARTY MOMENT IS: His goal against Montreal. He took the puck and ripped it down into the net. It was an open net, in my end too. I was right there. He was like a little kid jumping up and down, celebrating the goal.

IN 1500 GAMES, MY FAVORITE DEVILS MEMORY IS: The Devils’ first Stanley Cup had a very special meaning. It was our 13th year of existence and here we were, on the cusp of beating Detroit, and we beat them to win the Cup for the first time. Everybody around me, that knew I was there since day one, asked me how psyched I was, and I replied that “this was why I got season tickets; to see the Stanley Cup right in front of me.” The place was so electric that night, it was unbelievable.

MY FAVORITE PIECE OF DEVILS MEMORABILIA IS: The team sent season ticket members a piece of the net from when Martin Brodeur broke one of his records. That the Devils cut that net up and sent pieces to season ticket members, it was pretty special.

I AM #RELENTLESS BECAUSE: I always believe the Devils will get back to the contending days.

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