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PODCAST: Who on the Devils Does Blackwood Call 'Musky Bill'?

In our latest Devils Official Podcast, Mackenzie Blackwood talks about the unfortunate end to his snowboarding career and much more

by Marc Ciampa /

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For the seventh episode of the Devils Official Podcast, our guest is Mackenzie Blackwood

Blackwood has really emerged as an NHL goaltender this season and is coming off back-to-back wins at home to Pittsburgh and in Montreal this past weekend. 

In the podcast, Blackwood tells Matt Loughlin and Amanda Stein how he actually quit hockey for a year before deciding to come back to the sport as a goaltender. 

In addition to hockey, he was also an avid snowboarder. Blackwood spoke of his final snowboarding run.

"I had just made A and then AA hockey, which is the medium level in Thunder Bay. So (age) 13, I took a trip to Minnesota in the middle of the hockey season. This goes to show you how serious I was (about hockey). I took a weekend snowboarding trip during the hockey season," Blackwood chuckled. "So yeah, I went up there with my friend and my family and first day we were there, probably even in the first hour, I tried to get all fancied trying to take the big jumps.

"It was really icy and I lost an edge and I just came down on my wrist and it just broke, like, completely. I was holding it and looking down at my hand and my hand was over here. Like, I was holding it like this, and my hand was 90 degrees to the side. I was like, yeah, that's not right. That's not the way it's supposed to work."

Panic naturally ensued as his family whisked him into the car and off to the hospital. 

"I got snow machine or snowmobiled down to the the lodge. My parents drove me to the hospital there in the States, got a cast and I had to drive five hours back home with it. Wiggling all the way home."

Blackwood added that his career in snowboarding came to a spectacular end.

"That was a tough last day of snowboarding. The last day I ever snowboarded. Retired on a high," he laughed.


Blackwood also talked at length about his love for fishing and some of the adventures he went on. On a related note, he talked about a nickname he has for Will Butcher: Musky Bill. 

"The other day I saw a hat in his stall. It said Musky Bill's Guide Services or something like that. And I was like. Dude, that's a sweet hat, I want to get one of those. And I said, 'Where did you get it?'

"He goes, Oh, it's mine. My brother made it for me, because he calls himself Musky Bill (to his brother). So I thought it was hilarious. I still want the hat, by the way.

"But, yeah, apparently back home in Wisconsin, he catches a lot of muskies in the summertime."

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