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PODCAST: That Time Sami Vatanen Got Teemu Selanne's Car Towed

In a wide-ranging podcast, Devils defenseman Sami Vatanen hit a number of topics with host Matt Loughlin and co-host Amanda Stein

by Marc Ciampa /

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For the ninth episode of the Devils Official Podcast, our guest is Sami Vatanen

Vatanen is from Finland and talks a lot about growing up in his native country. He also touches on his golf game and has a funny story regarding the time that Teemu Selanne leant him a car. 

Growing up in a winter country like Finland, Sami Vatanen talked about having to play hockey outdoors until he was much older. 

"I think I was five when I first started to skate. Team practices and everything was outside until maybe 12, 13, 14 I think was the first time when you had a chance to go, like indoors to practice and like that," said Vatanen. "So it was an outdoor sport back home." 

Vatanen appreciated the consistency once he was able to start playing indoors. 

"You didn't have to worry about snowing or if it was too cold. So it was pretty nice to play inside at that time when you didn't have to cancel anything."

Vatanen also talked about his team with the Anaheim Ducks, which included being teammates with NHL legends Teemu Selanne and Saku Koivu.

"I had a chance to speak Finnish with them and if I didn't understand something, they were always ready to help me and they helped me find my place there. And Teemu loaned me a car," Vatanen began, going into his story. 

"Yeah, he loaned me a car and I think when we left it -- it might've been to the Olympics -- we left the car in our parking garage in our building, and then when we came back we couldn't find it. It was towed away. So funny story there too," he laughed.  

"We didn't want to drive all the way downstairs in our spot, so we were a little lazy."

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