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PODCAST: Stan Fischler Joins Matt Loughlin in Studio

Stan Fischler joins Matt Loughlin in studio for a very special podcast looking back at the history of the Devils and hockey.

by Marc Ciampa /

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For the 12th episode of the Devils Official Podcast this season, our guest is Stan Fischler

Stan has been covering hockey since 1955 and covered the Devils since their inception in 1982 all the way until his retirement two years ago in 2017. 

Stan has written more than 90 books about hockey over the years and covered the team's three Stanley Cup victories in 1995, 2000 and 2003. 

In a wide-ranging interview, Fischler told a number of great stories. One of them, Fischler was asked how he got started in hockey and his answer will certainly surprise many. 

"Well, it all started with a mistake. My father was supposed to take me to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, which every kid wanted to see in 1939 and we got to near the theater. It was a downpour and we're right by the old Madison Square Garden. He said, I'm not going to take you to see Snow White. I'm going to take you to see a hockey game. I don't know what hockey was and I started bawling my head off. My father never gave in

"In those days, they had Sunday afternoon games with the Rangers farm team playing Washington. And I was so furious with him. I had to get even, so I rooted against his team. He was rooting for the Rovers and Washington won, and there was a guy in Washington named Normie Burns. He's very good hockey player and he was blond, and that's how I pictured the Lone Ranger, who was my favorite radio cowboy.

"And Normie Burns got a hat trick. My father's team lost. Ah, not bad. Not bad. Next day I go to school, third grade, Mrs Goulda, our third grade teacher, we did a thing called show and tell. She calls on me. I loved the goaltender in hockey, so I did a goaltender for show and tell. She gave me an A.

"I said this hockey isn't too bad after all. Then my father took me to see Snow White the following Saturday. Sunday, we went back to see another hockey game and I never stopped going. And I thank you. Snow White." 

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