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PODCAST: Speak of the Devils Look Back on the Best Conversations of 2020

Join Matt Loughlin and Amanda Stein as they go back into the archives and share their favorite conversations of 2020

by Amanda Stein amandacstein /

In the final days of 2020, all those "Best Of" lists start appearing in your newsfeeds, recapping all the stories from the last year.

Well, we won't be any different as we bring you the Speak of the Devils Podcast Best Of from the last year. Join Matt Loughlin and Amanda Stein as they bring you some of their favorite interviews from the 2019-20 season and the last few months as 2020 comes to a close. 

The episode features both past and present Devils players, including a conversation with Scott Gomez who reveals which high-profile celebrity he was certain would end up his eventual wife. Conversations range from a series of funny conversations that will bring out the laughs, but also introspective conversations like speaking with Bobby Holik about his appreciation for the opportunities that moving to the United States provided him in his life. 

"It was absolutely phenomenal opportunity," Holik shared, "That's all it was. You know, I always go back to what I was talking about earlier, it's not about what you get. But as long as you get the opportunities, what you do with the opportunities is another story."

The episode also features a conversation with Larry Robinson who says he "loves reminiscing, especially about my days in Jersey," broadcaster and former NHLer Louie DeBrusk, who was live from the NHL's summer bubble in Edmonton. If you've ever wondered what it's like to fight Mr. Devil Ken Daneyko, well, Louie has and shares his thoughts. 

Matt and Amanda also sit down with Devil alumni Mike Rupp who describes what it feels like to live out every kid's dream while playing street hockey with their friends. Rupp was that player who dreamed of scoring the Game 7 championship-winning goal and had it come to fruition in the real world when his first career playoff goal clinched the 2003 Stanley Cup. 

"When you're looking at that game, it's a unique situation in itself," Rupp said. "The first three rounds, I did not play a game, I didn't even practice with the team. The Stanley Cup finals bouncing back and forth between Anaheim and New Jersey so they need more bodies to travel just in case because it's not convenient to bring a guy up in an emergency condition."

Also hear from P.K. Subban and his fiancé Lindsey Vonn when the two athletes sat down with Matt before the 2019-20 season and tell the story about how the two met.

In addition to all of the Devils highlights, Community Host Catherine Bogart brings in one of her favorite community conversations from 2020.

In November 2019, Grace Eline was honored as the Devils Hockey Fights Cancer Guest of Honor. Grace, spent a practice day with the team before dropping the puck before the Hockey Fights Cancer game. A year later, Bogart checked in with Grace and her parents to reflect on that experience and hear what they've been up to during 2020.

For Grace, she is busy with the usual for a young adult - virtual school and activities. However, Grace also is involved in a new initiative.

"I have been running my initiative 'With Grace' [where] I've been running the kids committee. My mom runs the adult committee," said Grace. "We're coming up with some kid friendly ideas for the serious initiative, and then we hand them off to the adult committee to kind of process. It's been so exciting, because we started during COVID and it's just been so cool. It's been a really fun journey."

When reflecting on the 2019 HFC experience, Aubrey, Grace's mom, is still blown away by those days that the Eline family spent with the Devils.

"It was a huge honor, I think because of everything that Grace has come through. Having her be honored and be able to have that type of experience I think is rreally important," said Aubrey. "I think she was in shock going into it and coming off of it, and even reflecting on it, being able to see who she was skating with, in that type of enviroment was really inspiring for her, and exciting she was able to have that experience."

Dan, Grace's dad, was impacted by Grace's experience of dropping the puck at center ice on HFC night at Prudential Center.

"Watching a little girl, walk out onto the ice and command the attention of an entire arena full of hockey fans is kind of a mind blowing experience. But I think what really blew me away, was how you know, everyone all of the players, the organization, how they were with Grace," explained Dan. "All the while in the back of your head is the parent thing of, 'ok, how do I top this?'"

There's plenty to devour in this Best Of Speak of the Devils Podcast and we hope you enjoy it while enjoying the holiday season! 

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