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PODCAST: Dennehy on Binghamton's Season and More

The Binghamton Devils Head Coach talks about the success the club saw in their season, as well as how he is using the off-season both professionally and personally.

by Catherine Bogart catherinebogart /

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For this episode of the Speak of the Devils podcast, Binghamton Devils Head Coach Mark Dennehy caught up with podcast hosts Matt Loughlin and Rob Lippolis, the play-by-play broadcaster for the Binghamton Devils.

First, the hosts discussed the abrupt end to the Binghamton Devils season and Dennehy's thoughts on where the team's year ended.

"We like the way we finished the season, there's a lot of development," said Dennehy. "Obviously a lot of winning which I think is an important development piece."

With the American Hockey League season shortened, Bingo didn't have a chance to continue their success right before the pause in the season. Regardless, Dennehy was happy with what he had built with this year's team.

"I don't think there are many players in that locker room, including the coaching staff, that didn't want the season to continue and that's when you know you have something special," said Dennehy. "When you've got a thing going as well as we had it going, you want it to last forever."

Dennehy has spent some of his free time during this off-season focusing on professional development, primarily over Zoom.

"Tom Fitzgerald has organized a number of zoom meetings. So everybody's on the same page developmentally. I know he does the same thing for scouting both amateur and professionally, explained Dennehy. "I've put one together for our staff, and I've also included a number of coaches, I've had Jerry York on, I've got some women's coaches, Jim Plumer who's at the University of Vermont. [It's] just a good opportunity to bounce ideas off of each other and with this new technology, or at least new to me, the Zoom technology, it's been great."

Dennehy also has joined Zoom calls with coaches and retired coaches from outside the Devils organization to learn from them as well. That experience has also been very helpful for his professional development.

"These are the Hall of Famers, Stanley Cup winners, the greats in this game. You're kind of sitting there and just ears and eyes wide open," explained Dennehy. "It's great to hear from one of the greats that you know what this is something that they struggle with as well. And the topics vary."

"There isn't a topic that is not open for discussion and they've been so engaged I think that's the thing that strikes me the most, is talking about two of the best coaches of all time and taking an hour, three days a week of their retired life to sit and talk hockey with us is fantastic."

Dennehy is from Dorchester - a neighborhood of Boston - and discussed growing up and the strong hockey presence.

"There was a really big hockey contingent there. I can think of we used to play street hockey all the time. And within a four-block radius of that street hockey game, there was almost I think 20 Division I hockey players. Northeastern, Boston University, Providence, some of the best programs in all of Division I college hockey."

"So it's a lot of breeding grounds for hockey, and a lot of hard-fought street hockey."

Dennehy also discussed how he is using the extra time this off-season to spend with his family.

"In terms of family, my children are getting older. As a matter of fact, my oldest daughter got her license two weeks before the pandemic struck. So she went from 'I'm free' to solitary confinement," joked Dennehy. "But as the parent of three daughters, it's just good to have them around."

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