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Olympic Houses

by Anthony Oliva / New Jersey Devils
Check out my experience from the Molson Canadian Hockey House.  It was pretty cool to visit. 

There are a ton of these "houses" all over Vancouver and Whistler, serving an embassy-like function for each country represented in the Olympics. Here's some notes on the houses:

• USA House is not open to the public.

• Most of the Canadian provinces have their own house: I've seen Quebec, Alberta, Atlantic Canadian and Saskatchewan.  They feature local music acts and cuisine from their area.  I did not see any smoked meat in Quebec house, though.  For shame.

• I'm living above Slovakia House.  It is relatively tame, especially compared to party centers like Irish House and Heineken House.  For the most part, it's a central meeting point for Slovaks to go before and after games.  I've yet to see any athletes there.

• Russia House, sometimes called Sochi House, is legendary.  From the sounds of it, it's like Shangri Lah in there: vodka fountains and exotic dancers.  My friends and I have unsuccessfully tried to get in several times, so I can't verify any of this.  Tonight is our last chance.

• Even the Jamaicans have a house.  It's somewhere in Whistler.

• The wait to get into Irish House can run anywhere up to two hours!  A $40 cover and rain make this 100% unappetizing to me.

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