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NJD Notes 12.16: Brodeur grab bag

by Eric Marin / New Jersey Devils
With the Canadiens in town for Wednesday's game, Martin Brodeur spoke to the Montreal media about his quest to break Terry Sawchuk's shutout mark, the keys to his 1,028 games played, and Jacques Caron's influence on his career.

Brodeur on trying to break Sawchuk's shutout mark (104):
"I’m looking forward to it so I can stop talking about it. I think it’s mostly that. Shutouts are tough things to do, so for me to think about them would be almost ridiculous because I want to win games. Eventually by me winning games, we’ll have a shutout mixed in somewhere. I’m looking forward to it and to write history also I think it’s kind of nice. But we’ll just concentrate on winning and eventually it will come."

...on the differences between Jacques Lemaire now and his first stint as Devils head coach:
"Similar, but different at the same time. I think his openness to the players has changed a lot compared to early on. I think his teaching to everybody has been great."

"Jacques is Jacques. He’s kind of tough to approach, a bit. I know him for a while, and still if I talk to him three or four times from the start of the year it’s good. Jacques is Jacques. He’s our coach and I think everybody appreciates the mentoring that he’s doing for the players. Even to the other coaching staff, we have players that played under him that are assistant coaches and it’s kind of a nice little chemistry that we have going now."

...on how he has moved within one appearance of tying Patrick Roy for the most games played by a goaltender (1,029) in history:
"Durability. I think I based a lot of my career on being durable, playing a lot of games and being consistent. To play that many games, I think it adds up to being durable and being successful. If you’re not successful, the coach doesn’t put you in the net for that many games. Definitely, it’s been nice playing a lot of games."

...on whether the secret to his success is his demeanor or style:
"It’s got to be a little of both. I play the game, I make the game easy on myself, but the demeanor, I think the pressure I don’t feel as much as maybe other guys. Maybe that helps me to play more, but I’m not in anybody else’s shoes. I know for me this is a fun game and it’s fun coming to the rink every day and it’s fun being a part of a great organization that trusts you to be in the net for them."

...on developing his hybrid style of goaltending:
"I’ve learned through the years to incorporate other things from other goalies. I just play the game. My style is whatever people make it up to be. I just have to stop that puck. I have to figure a way out sometimes. Sometimes it’s not really nice but it’s been working pretty good, I guess."

...on his influences:
"Definitely Jacques Caron, my goalie coach. For years, I think the support, I think him knowing my game and not trying to change me, helped me to be consistent throughout. Definitely with Lou (Lamoriello), having an organization that is so stable. How many organizations throughout the years can say, ‘Well, we’re not going to rebuild this year?’"

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