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N.J. cuts loose for April Fools Day

by Gordy Stillman / New Jersey Devils

April 1 is a day that some people take as an opportunity to embrace a little madness and let out their inner devil. But what about N.J., the New Jersey Devils’ own mascot? He’s a jokester most of the time, but on April Fools Day he took his pranks to another level by turning the tables on some of the people he works with every day.

Before the day even began, N.J. was hard at work, plotting practical jokes for some of his favorite coworkers and friends. Outside of the video team that helped N.J. set up cameras and capture the video above, no one knew what the NHL’s only Devil had in store.

To start everything off, he covered Kelsey’s desk with post it notes. The event marketing coordinator took it all in stride when she got to work, and after removing the notes that blocked her computer, opted to leave the rest for the whole day.

Taking some inspiration from the ongoing prank-feud between Matt Lauer and Ellen DeGeneres, N.J. placed about 1000 ping pong balls in Sam’s cabinet, expecting her to open the door soon after she arrived for the day. While the scale was small compared to Lauer filling DeGeneres’ car with the little plastic annoyances, it still did its job of surprising people and reminding everyone what day it was.

To accomplish the prank, N.J. took plastic wrap to seal the opening while leaving a small hole to pour in the balls. Once that was done, he closed the cabinet and pulled the wrap through the slim opening, “arming” the cabinet.

Even after seeing another coworker get pranked, Sam, a marketing partnerships coordinator, said she had not realized it was April 1st. “I was here late last night, and I just didn’t realize what day it was,” Anderson said. She added that she thought the joke was from a couple of people, before learning it was the mischievous devil behind it all.

For the grand finale, N.J. got sweet, sweet, revenge on a friend who suggested he wear an Easter Bunny costume to appearances over the upcoming holiday weekend. When Bryan, a premium sales manager, arrived for work, he found his entire desk covered in plastic wrap. From his phone to his computer, his entire workspace was wrapped up, with a handwritten note on top reading “April Fools, from the Easter Bunny.”

Members of the premium team said they expected someone in their group to be set up for something, and thanked Bryan for taking the pressure off of them with the Easter Bunny joke, which they all agreed set him in N.J.’s sights. “This wasn’t too far out of the norm for me,” Bryan explained. In a previous joke at the start of March, his desk was filled with flowers. “I really think I had this one coming to me.”

According to N.J., his targets were picked because their desks offered the best angles for hidden cameras to catch the reactions, but Bryan’s joke ensured he’d be on the list. “He’s been ribbing me for the last couple of weeks,” N.J. said. “So he was definitely one of my targets.”

Compared to previous years, Devils employees got off lucky. “I’d set up a chair outside the elevator, and when people came in, tired, sipping their coffee, I’d bang my drum and wake them up.,” N.J. said, remembering past jokes. No matter the prank, N.J. is careful to avoid anything too mean. It’s always goodhearted humor.

“My favorite prank was when I set up air-horns under peoples’ chairs,” N.J. recalled between laughs, soaking in his favorite day of the year.

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