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Late Show Legends: Memories of Letterman

by Staff Writer / New Jersey Devils

With David Letterman saying goodbye to the Late Show, the Devils look back on their Stanley Cup appearances with the late night legend.


Ken Daneyko pours coffee from the Stanley Cup for David Letterman in 1995.

Bruce Driver: "We've all heard the stories about horses eating oats out of the Stanley Cup, flowers being planted in it, babies having their pictures taken in it, but to be on David Letterman was a thrill.

"Many beverages have been poured into and drank from the Stanley Cup. David Letterman loves his coffee mug and his coffee so it was quite appropriate for him to ask the Devils to pour him a cup! I'm not sure if that was a first time but it certainly made for a great Letterman memory."

John MacLean: "You see the picture and one thing I remember, we were back in the Green Room and that was when Letterman was smoking cigars. I remember we raided his humidor, figuring we won the championship and then being on able to go on Letterman was pretty cool. So a lot of us go on [the show], but I'm not sure they knew what they were in for when they said, 'Hey, you guys want a cigar from his humidor?' We were like, 'Sure,' and they left us on our own there.

"In fairness, I'm not sure David Letterman really follows hockey that much. I'm sure he knows it, but [the coffee] was more letting him in on the tradition of drinking from the Cup."


Celebrating with Bon Jovi in 2000.

Ken Daneyko: "It was a great thrill to be on Letterman and I remember Bon Jovi performing that show so we took a picture on top of the building outside with the group. That was pretty cool."

Scott Gomez: "I remember they offered a chance to do it, whoever wanted to go. I forget if I had already done Good Morning America, it was early in the morning and I don’t think many of us had much sleep.

"We were staying in the city that night, the day we had the Cup. I think Pando [Jay Pandolfo] and a couple of the guys were ticked that I wore a Hawaiian shirt, but I didn’t really go home [the night before]. It was cold [in the studio], I remember that. Super cold. I think [Letterman] liked it a certain temperature.

"I didn’t really watch Late Night. I know Randy [McKay] and guys that went, they were pumped. The older guys were really looking forward to going on Letterman."

Colin White: "It was a long time ago, but Gomer sent me that picture this year just out of the blue and we were laughing about it. It’s a long time ago, like I said, but we were sure excited to be in there and have the Cup with us.

"What I remember from the show is how cold he likes it in there. That’s what we were talking about before we went out on stage. It was a quick thing, 20 or 30 seconds for him to introduce us, but it was a good time."


Grant Marshall raises the Cup outside of the Ed Sullivan Theater in 2003.

Gomez: "The second time [in 2003], I ended up going and we all got hats. I remember I threw Letterman a hat and he caught it. That was my claim to fame with David Letterman."

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