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Flame Out

by Anthony Oliva / New Jersey Devils
The Olympic flame has been the source of much controversy and disappointment here in Vancouver.  One of the top stories during the Games has been tourists' lack of access to the flame, which, like Impressionist art, looks much better from far away.

Criticism ranges from the overall presentation of the Coal Harbour site, which looks like it's under construction, to the distance from the flame at which spectators can view it.

VANOC, the organization responsible for all things Olympics, offered the two-fold solution of cutting a hole across the entire fence for people to take photos through, as well as offering a chance to get a bird's eye view from the observation deck.  I waited in line myself to see what all the fuss was about.

Random Canadian Fact: People up here consistently refer to lines as "line-ups," as in, "Wow, look at that line-up to get into the arena!"  The queue is not a baseball roster, people.

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