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Stan Fischler shares 'wit and wisdom' from former Devils coaches in this Devils Over the Decades Special

by Stan Fischler StanFischler / Special to

* DOUG CARPENTER: "We'd all love to have a lot of money in the bank. But I'm so poor, I can't afford to pay attention."

* JACQUES LEMAIRE: (Asked how he felt about the closing of dirty, old Boston Garden.) "I'm a romantic . . . about cockroaches and rats running around, no I am not."

* LARRY ROBINSON: (On player trades.) "You may have the most beautiful horse in the world, but if he doesn't win on the racetrack, why keep him? You might as well have a mule if he wins."

* PAT BURNS: (On a long losing streak.) "I've had a bagful of letters. I've heard from agents, brothers-in-law, uncles, fans. Everyone has the answer."

* LOU LAMORIELLO: "I know this about fighting in the NHL right now. As a tactic, it works."

* TOM MCVIE: "What I want for Christmas is a Mike Bossy doll. Wind it up and he scores 60 goals."

* HERB BROOKS: "Coaching is like being king. It prepares you for nothing."

* DON CHERRY: (On publication of his autobiography.) "Three years ago I couldn't spell author. Now I are one."

* MARSHALL JOHNSTON: (On a Colorado Rockies losing streak.) "It's just like rheumatism. You keep looking for a way to relieve the pain, or better still, find a cure."

* BEP GUIDOLIN: "Winning is the name of the game. The more you win, the less you get fired."

* BILLY MACMILLAN: (On replacing Don Cherry as coach of the Colorado Rockies.) "I've got a big pair of lungs to fill."

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