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Crowd Control

by Anthony Oliva / New Jersey Devils
I don't even remember which game the following video clip was for.  I'd assume it was Team Canada vs Switzerland, but the fans in British Columbia all line up in red and white maple leaf jerseys regardless of whose playing, so I could be mistaken.  Not that any of that matters, though.

It gives me chills. You know, that playoff vibe, the bring-me-a-championship-or-else intensity. The energy is infectious. Of my weeklong experience, thus far this has been the most standout aspect of the Games for me. The electricity in the air. Thousands of people mobbing an entryway to get inside a barn layered in a sheet of ice to scream their heads off. Sports. What would we do without you?

Parking lot. Thousands of people decked in red and white.  It brings back some good memories, eh?  The scene today will mirror this video clip exactly when the fervent Canadian fans file into Canada Hockey Place to see Team Canada battle Team USA.  I can't wait.

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