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BLOG: Who will end up on the Iron Throne? Devils weigh in

On the day that season 8 of Game of Thrones debuts, Devils players make their predictions

by Marc Ciampa /

MSG recently gathered some Devils players together to get their thoughts on the upcoming eighth season of Game of Thrones which debuts tonight on HBO. 

The season will be the final one of the long-running series with many expecting that by the end of the season, someone embroiled in the conflict or perhaps the Night King himself will end up on the Iron Throne. 

"It's pointless to root for people because they're probably going to die," laughed Cory Schneider. "We always seem to award the person who plays the dirtiest or knows how to survive."

Kenny Agostino was hopeful for a happier ending. 

"Jon Snow or Khaleesi they're going to take over. Maybe you can get a second throne brought in so there's a dual throne situation," opined Agostino. 

See the video in the tweet below to see some more fun answers from the Devils. 

Tweet from @MSGNetworks: Now that the @NJDevils have won the NHL draft lottery, they can focus on Westeros. @nicohischier @MacBlackwood1 @kennyagostino and Cory Schneider make their Iron Throne predictions. #GameofThrones

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