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BLOG: NJ Devil pies Jimmy Fallon in the face

The Devils mascot went on Fallon Tonight to pie Jimmy Fallon in the face after they made a bet on Twitter

by Staff NJDevils /

Before the Rangers and Devils game on Thursday, NJ Devil tweeted at huge Rangers fan Jimmy Fallon to make a bet.

Tweet from @NJDevil00: Hey @jimmyfallon if we win tonight, i get to come on @FallonTonight and pie you in the face, deal? #NJDevils

Fallon was a good sport and agreed to the bet.

Tweet from @jimmyfallon: Youre a dope - but if you really want me to do that? See you Sunday NIGHT!!! Go @NYRangers !!!!

Video: COMING SOON | The Pie

Video: NJ Devil Packs His Bags for Fallon

On Sunday night, NJ went on the late-show set and made good on the bet and Fallon ate pie.

Tweet from @FallonTonight: Jimmy faces the consequences of his deal with the @NJDevil00 #SundayNightFallon

Watch: NJ Devil Pies Jimmy in the Face

Hey Jimmy, maybe don't make deals with the NJ Devil.

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