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BLOG: Brandon Gignac's Camp Diary

Catch up with Brandon Gignac as he takes you through his first two days at Devils Development Camp

by Brandon Gignac / New Jersey Devils


Hey, Devils Fans!

I'm at the New Jersey Devils Development Camp in Newark this week and I will be updating you all week in this blog with what we are doing. 

Before I begin, please ignore any bad grammar. I lose my English when I am tired!

I flew in from Montreal on Sunday and I got in a quick skate on the ice at Prudential Center. I didn't do too much yesterday. There were only six other guys here so we just chilled at the hotel.

Today was more interesting because all the boys arrived. We had a little skate in the afternoon and we made a little game. It was pretty fun. The new guys are really good and really fast. It was just for fun and nobody was really trying too hard, but we're still a competitive group. I was on the white team and we won the first game 5-1 and the second game, we were winning 3-1, but they said last goal wins and the red team scored so they celebrated, but that was not fair because we actually won. 

Later on, we had a welcome dinner and a couple speakers. It's always great to hear from the coaches and feel like you're here for a reason. This is my fourth development camp and it's just a great opportunity to learn and get better. It's also really great to see all the guys again.

Tweet from @BingDevils: BLOG: Brandon Gignac recaps his first two days in Newark for @NJDevils Development Camp!Chipotle Talent Show Ping Pong Follow along all week 

I'm looking forward to a lot of things this week, but for sure the talent show. Last year's was really funny and it will be really tough to beat it. I don't want to tell anything about what my team has planned because other guys might read this and steal our ideas, but [Colby] Sissons and [Ty] Smith [noted magicians] are on our team. That's all I'm going to say about that. 

We also have some other things too like a nutrition seminar and a Navy SEAL is going to talk to us as well about teamwork. For the fun parts, there will be a ping pong tournament (I feel bad for whoever my teammate is because ping pong is not my best sport. Last year, I was terrible!) and axe throwing and a Yankees game too. So, I'm excited about those things. 

For now, I'm just going to catch up with the boys. I haven't seen a lot of them in three months since the season ended and we have to get up at 6 a.m. for physicals and testing. Can't say I'm looking forward to that part but the rest of tomorrow should be fun. 

Keep you posted!



Hey everyone!

Today was a long day, like really long. 

I got up at 6 a.m. and got to the rink early to warm up a little bit. We saw the doctors to make sure we're all healthy. After two years of not being able to participate in the actual hockey parts of this camp because of injury, I was very excited when they said I was good to go. 

Then, we had the testing. I think pull-ups was my best one. I did 22. I have no idea what anyone else did, but I think that might be good enough to win. We will find out the results tomorrow. 

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