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BIG READ: Grace's Fight

In the latest issue of the Devils Big Read, take a look at Grace Eline's battle with cancer and her night with the Devils

by Chris Wescott TheChrisWescott /

"I didn't have any headaches. I wasn't in pain. I was feeling… perfect.

"I didn't feel like anything was wrong with me."

Grace Eline was completely unaware, wrapped up in much more important matters, such as playing sports, enjoying time with friends, being a child.

The happy and energetic, young girl wasn't lethargic. There were no tangible signs of illness. The only sign her family picked up on was that she had been drinking a lot of water and her growth wasn't the same as the rest of the kids in her age group. So 10-year-old Grace underwent some tests.

"I noticed a switch one day that she was just drinking a lot of water," said Grace's mother, Aubrey. "You Google it and it's all these other little things like diabetes and all this, and pediatricians said she would deteriorate in a hot second so it's not. But then when her growth consistently slowed down and she was always off the charts, it was like, 'okay, you've been saying something's off now and there's actually something that's off, so let's go to the endocrinologist.'

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