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The Tournament

On October 24 & 25, 2020, NHL Mascots team up with professional gamers to battle in an EA SPORTS NHL 21 gaming tournament to take home the inaugural NJ Devil Cup!


October 24

Group Quarter-Finals
11 AM - Group B Matchups
12 PM - Group A Matchups

Group Finals
1 PM - Group A Final & Group B Final

October 25

NJ Devil Cup Final
12 PM - Best of 3 Series

The Bracket

The Teams

2020 NJ Devil Cup Champion

Blue Jackets

Stinger Mascot Bio  
Stinger Mascot


Stinger, the official mascot of the Columbus Blue Jackets, loves to give high fives and bang his snare drum all around his home at Nationwide Arena. Standing at 6 feet 9 inches tall, Stinger is quite noticeable on and off the ice!

TopShelfCookie Pro Gamer Bio  
TopShelfCookie Pro Gamer


TopShelfCookie is a competitive EA NHL Player. Over his the past few years, he has a few notable achievements including taking home 1st place in the 2019 NHL Gaming World Championship, 1st place in the CBJ NHL 19 Championship, and 3rd place in the 2018 NHL Gaming World Championship. He prides himself on his unpredictability and loves to produce content for his followers to engage with.

Wild Wing Mascot Bio  
Wild Wing Mascot


The official mascot for the Anaheim Ducks since the inaugural season in 1993. He is known for his daredevil stunts and big attitude. The perennial All-Star goalie has made headlines with his exploits, from his play on the ice to starring in action-packed cartoons. Today, you can find this mighty duck riling up Ducks fans and shaking his tail feather at home games or playing hockey with kids around Southern California!

Ducks Gaming Pro Gamer Bio  
Ducks Gaming Pro Gamer


The Anaheim Ducks organization had previously completed both a 1v1 Tournament at a local esports arena and most recently a 1v1 Tournament in coordination with DreamHack in Anaheim, where the Ducks' winners from both high school and adult divisions competed against other NHL teams. Since the start of the pandemic, they have been very active giving fans unique content and opportunities in the virtual space. Ducks Gaming looks forward to continuing to provide content and chances to engage with fans throughout the NHL community and beyond!

NJ Devil Mascot Bio  
NJ Devil Mascot


The one and only, NJ Devil, is 7-feet tall and lives at the Rock, otherwise known as Prudential Center. NJ is non-stop entertainment both in and out of the arena. In arena, you can catch him playing his favorite instrument, the drum, or running through the aisles high fiving Devils fans. He loves to play and teach hockey, read, dance, throw t-shirts, and of course, pull pranks!

Henreek Pro Gamer Bio  
Henreek Pro Gamer


Henreek is an EA Game Changer Twitch Partner and Youtuber. He is one of the most consistent streamers and prides himself on streaming NHL 20 6 days a week. With 14.7k subscribers on Youtube, and just nearly 10k followers on Twitch, he has quite the following and influence in the world of gaming.

Louie Mascot Bio  
Louie Mascot


Louie, the official mascot of the St. Louis Blues, was introduced to the fans back in 2007. His two main passions are meeting fans and supporting the Blues! He loves to bring high energy and teamwork to the already existing Blues team. Some of Louie's favorite hobbies include eating, reading, and playing the blues on his sax- Louie BLEEDS BLUE.

DaddyPadre Pro Gamer Bio  
DaddyPadre Pro Gamer


DaddyPadre is a professional EASPORTS NHL player. He is most notable for defeating Nasher and capturing the first ever Chiclets Cup! In addition, he has won the Leafs LAN tournament, and represented the USA in the IIHF tournament. He has now joined the Sonk Daddies, the official EASHL team of the Spittin Chiclets, and plans to continue showing off his skills in the gaming world.

Stanley Mascot Bio  
Stanley Mascot


Stanley, the official mascot of the Florida Panthers, lives at the BB&T Center and has a love for hockey, winning games, and Panthers fans. Making his career debut in 1993, Stanley has remained playing center (of attention)! He is 6'3 (on skates) and likes to eat, play outside, climb and jump on stuff. However, he dislikes any team other than the Panthers so... watch out!

FlaPanthers Pro Gamer Bio  
FlaPanthers Pro Gamer


Jameson Olive is entering his fourth season with the Florida Panthers. Working within the organization's broadcasting department, he currently serves as the team's in-house beat writer while also producing and co-hosting the club's official podcast, Territory Talk. Since the start of the pandemic, he's also been spearheading the Panthers' E-Sports initiatives at

Sharkie Mascot Bio  
Sharkie Mascot


Sharkie, the official mascot of the San Jose Sharks, has been with the organization for almost 30 years now, making his NHL debut in 1992! He can be found inside the SAP Center performing a variety of scary yet humorous and exciting unique stunts and acts. In addition, he loves to make appearances within the community- whether it's a charity event, or a birthday party, Sharkie's there and his presence never goes unnoticed!

NoSleeves Pro Gamer Bio  
NoSleeves Pro Gamer


NoSleeves is a full-time content creator and streamer for the NHL video game. An EA Sports NHL game changer and a broadcaster for NHL esports. Has worked with multiple NHL gaming organizations and events as well as the Gaming World Championships in 2020.

TommyHawk Mascot Bio  
TommyHawk Mascot


TommyHawk, the official mascot of the Chicago Blackhawks, is a feathery fowl who loves to cause mayhem wherever he goes. Two of Tommy's favorite things to do include: play hockey and dance. Whether it's inside the United Center or out in the community, Tommy prides himself on bringing two things wherever he goes: laughter and fun!

DontBeSaad20 Pro Gamer Bio  
DontBeSaad20 Pro Gamer


DontBeSaad20 is an EA NHL content creator who streams daily on Twitch and uploads on Youtube! He was the first NHL streamer to be partnered on Twitch back in 2014. Saad prides himself on his MLG gameplay and personality!

Bernie Mascot Bio  
Bernie Mascot


Bernie, the official mascot for the Colorado Avalanche, resides in Denver, Colorado and lives at the dog park located on the main concourse of the Pepsi Center. He made his NHL debut in 2009, and ever since has been known to be quite a "gentle giant" within the community.

DekeSlayer Pro Gamer Bio  
DekeSlayer Pro Gamer


DekeSlayer is an Over-the-Top Twitch Personality in the EA-NHL community. He focuses on all aspects of the nhl series including franchise, be-a-pro, hut and eashl!

NJ Devil Cup Sweeps

Enter for a chance to win a free code for EA SPORTS NHL 21! Make sure to also tune in to the first-ever NJ Devil Cup where NJ and other NHL Mascots will be playing with professional gamers to determine the inaugural NJ Devil Cup Champion!