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Twitter Takeover: Sam Gagner

by Staff Writer / Arizona Coyotes

EDITOR'S NOTE: Coyotes forward Sam Gagner answered questions from fans on Tuesday on the team's official Twitter account:

"Hi everyone. This is Sam Gagner and I’m ready to answer your questions today! #AskGagner"


Question from @hinsightprophet: hope you'll love AZ. Are you going to miss wearing #89 or happy to have #9 again?

"I'll miss wearing #89 because I wore it for several years but I'm happy to go back to my childhood number - #9.

Question from @PHXSportsHub: Who were your hockey idols growing up?

"Peter Forsberg was my favorite player. My dad was also my idol."

Question from @AndyCantHang: what aspect of playing with the Coyotes is most exciting?

"Good question. I like the fact that the Coyotes play such a structured team game."

Question from @toohottoyandle: what's your second fav sport???

"I play a lot of basketball and golf. They're both a work in progress!"

Drake. Photo by Getty Images.

Question from @xavier1320: Do you have any bands/songs you like to listen too prior to games to get pumped up to?

"I'm a big music fan but before games I always listen to techno. Lately, being from TOR, I've been listening to Drake."

Question from @Randilynne89: which player(s) are you most looking forward to playing with in Arizona?

"Shane Doan. He & I were teammates once at World Championship. Also Keith Yandle & Oliver Ekman-Larsson."

Question from @pdawg57: How cool will it be to play with another @golondonknights player in @max_domi this year?

"That would be great! I've had a chance to meet Max a few times and he's a great guy and a great player."

Question from @timothywaugh: what kind of role are you hoping to take on with the Yotes?

"I'm hoping to be a leader offensively & help the team win as many games as possible."

Question from @Goldyschmidt: Do you have any pre-game rituals?

"My gameday routine is the same from the time I wake up until the game starts. I have many pre-game rituals."

Question from @KelsoDents: are you going to miss the weather in Edmonton? #retoricalquestion

"Maybe at times. I grew up playing hockey on an outside rink, but I think I'll get used to the warm AZ temps quickly."

Question from @Suhwoopgoat: Most memorable moment as a member of the Lightning?

"HA! The only memory I have was a phone call telling me I'd been traded there and that I wouldn't be there for long."

Question from @bobayerickson: what player do you enjoy watching the most?

"Last year it was Nathan MacKinnon. I like the way he can take over a game with his speed."

Sam Gagner. Photo by Getty Images.

Question from @JoshColeshill: Most memorable moment?

"My most memorable moments were my 8-point game & also winning OHL Cup with the Toronto Marlies as a 15-year old."

Question from @Its_Giuseppe: Would you rather have a hatty or a 6-point night?

"Probably a six-point game. I like to pass more than I like to shoot."

Question from @Gmccorrister: how is your summer going & how you like Arizona?

"My summer has been great and really busy. I'm excited to get down to Arizona soon."

Question from @eborisy: What is your favorite hockey movie??

"My favorite hockey movies are Youngblood and Miracle."

Question from @KelsoDents: who is your new roommate in Arizona?

"I won't have a roommate because I've completed my entry level deal."

Question from @jack_mertes: do you expect to contend for a Stanley Cup in year 1 with the Coyotes?

"That's always the plan. Making the playoffs is the first goal and then anything can happen from there."

Rory McIlroy. Photo by Getty Images.

Question from @ChrisRue2: Who is your favorite athlete?

"Right now my favorite athlete is Rory McIlroy. I love seeing someone be so dominant in their sport."

Question from @Skylar_Peterson: Favorite arena to play at?

"Joe Louis Arena. It's close to home for me and that rink has a lot of history."

Question from @TotallyKunitz: Are you excited to start the season with a new role on a new team with some new faces?

"I am. A change of scenery will be good for me. I'm excited to get going."

Question from @theclew92: What team did you grow up watching?

"The Colorado Avalanche because Peter Forsberg was on it. Also any team my dad was on."

Question from @Jess_McCarthyx: Who is one player you would love to have on your team that is retired?

"Joe Sakic. He's a left shot and that would complement me. And he's got a great shot."

Question from @mikaylarehfus: pancakes or waffles?


Mike Smith and Sam Gagner. Photo by Getty Images.

Question from @Villeppi_97: Who is the hardest goalie to score on?

"I think the hardest goalie for me to score on has been Mike Smith. I'm glad I'm on his side now."

Question from @sevendeviations: favorite meal?

"Steak tacos."

Question from @montion: what will you miss most about Edmonton?

"I will miss the city's passion for hockey."

Question from @nicoleyoty: Just want to welcome you to the team Sam. I look forward to seeing you play. Go Yotes!!

"Thank you!"

Question from @tmixmastermoney: "What parts of your game do you want to improve this year?

"I want to improve defensively and I want to improve in being consistent night after night."

Sam Gagner. Photo by Getty Images.

Question from @EdmCaper: Why #9?

"It was my dad's number when he was a kid. In minor hockey it was available so I went with it."

Question from @J_Bird41: What's your favorite post-goal celly? Working on anything new?

"I just do whatever comes to me in the moment."

Question from
@harvestmoon8109: What is your favorite animal?

"Dogs. I don't have one yet but I'm looking to get one soon."

"Thanks to all who sent me a question today. I’m sorry there wasn't enough time to answer them all. Looking forward to 2014-15! #AskGagner"

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