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Twitter Takeover: Oliver Ekman-Larsson

by Staff Writer / Arizona Coyotes

EDITOR'S NOTE: Coyotes defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson answered questions from fans on Friday on the team's official Twitter account:

"Hi everyone. This is @OEL_23 and I'm ready to answer some questions. Follow along using #AskOEL"

Question from @payton_layne: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what teammate would you want to have with you?

"This one is easy. I would pick Mikkel. He’s a great guy and we spend a lot of time together. He would be good company."

Question from @Cylluus: Is there ANY WAY for a fan of yours like me to get one of those amazing half-Sweden/half-PHX jerseys?

"Sorry but those jerseys were custom made in Sweden and are not for sale. I'm glad you like them. I like them too."

Question from @CaroD3Luna: What do you like to bring on the plane with you for the road trips?

"I like to watch TV shows on our flights, shows like White Collar and Suits."

Question from @AndyCantHang: how do you feel about the @phoenixcoyotes playoffs push! Are you as excited as us fans are?

"Yes! Everybody on our team is excited to make the playoffs & get a chance to win the Stanley Cup. That’s why we play."

Question from @dsimmons2112: What was your favorite moment playing hockey?

"Being drafted was unreal. I had a lot of fun there & all of my family was there too. Also scoring my 1st NHL goal."

Question from @YOTES4daCUP: who inspired you to play hockey, why defensemen?

"Everybody in my family played so I had lots of inspiration. I like defense but I actually played forward until I was 15."

Question from @David_Mayer128: Hi Oliver, was wondering what's your favorite city to travel to during the season and why? Thanks you're AWESOME!

"I really like Chicago. It’s such a great city and it’s a great arena to play in. The games are always very intense."

Question from @YotesLove: how does it feel when you see Sweden jersey in the stands at Jobing? Especially worn by your family&friends!

"It’s great to have my family & friends watch me play. When I see those blue & yellow jerseys I always take a long look."

Question from @marahk23: if you were an animal what would you be?

"That's a fun question. I think I would be a bird. It would be really cool to be able to fly."

Question from @kaileaps: how confident are you feeling about making it to the playoffs?

"We all believe we can make it. We haven't been playing great lately but we’ve found ways to win. That’s a good sign."

Question from@CenterIceSweety:Other than hockey, what were some of your favorite sports to watch at the Olympics?

"One day we went up the mountain & watched cross country skiing. It was fun. The Swedish team won the gold medal.:

Question from @VonCurry: If you could play with one player in the league who is not on the Coyotes who would it be?

"Erik Karlsson. We played together at the Olympics & it was fun. I’d also like to have Sidney Crosby as a teammate."

Question from @garrettklein23: what do you like about the number 23? What number should I wear this season?

"I wear No. 23 because it was the number of a friend of mine on my hometown team who died a couple of years ago."

Question from @marahk23: what is a place in Sweden that you would say is a must see before you die?

"We have a lot of nice places in Sweden you should visit. I would say Stockholm and Gothenburg, for sure."

Question from @kelleyrobb: has anyone on the team ever pranked you?

"Somebody once put butter on the top of my shoes while we were eating in a restaurant. I’m still not sure who did it."

Question from @kelseyyymc: do you like to watch/play sports other than hockey too?

"I really like to play golf on our days off. It’s a fun game. I’m not great at it but I’m not too bad either."

Question from @JohannesHockey: Who was your hockey idol growing up?

"It was Nicklas Lidstrom. I was a young defenseman and he was probably the best defenseman in the world."

Question from @sethjones17: who's the funniest guy in the locker room?

"I think it's no secret that @BIzNasty2point0 is pretty funny and unique."

Question from @emma_blairr: what's your favorite pre-game meal?

"I always eat spaghetti with meat sauce and chicken before games."

"Thanks to everyone for sending me these questions today. I'm sorry I didn't have enough time to answer all of them. Take care! --- @OEL_23"

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