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Twitter Takeover: Mikkel Boedker

by Staff Writer / Arizona Coyotes

EDITOR'S NOTE: Coyotes forward Mikkel Boedker answered questions from fans on Tuesday on the team's official Twitter account:

Hi everybody. This is Mikkel Boedker & I’m ready to answer some questions so let’s go! Follow along with #AskBoeds

Question from @JTPoni23: Who were you cheering for in the battle of Scandinavia? Korpi and the Fins or OEL and the Swedes??

"I was cheering for both to medal. That was the most important thing – that they both came back with medals & they did."


Question from @RoccoJ95: What's your favorite thing to snack on while on the road?

"Fruit Mentos. They are so good."

Question from @toohottoyandle: what's your second fav sport and how do you feel about my @ name?

"My 2nd favorite sport is soccer but golf is creeping up there & you’ve made a very interesting choice on the name."

Question from @kaileapps: How was your Olympic break? Go anywhere fun or just relaxed?

"The best part of the break for me was I just got to relax and play a lot of golf with Derek Morris."

Question from @Ducks54: What's the weirdest thing a fan has ever asked you to sign?

"It's a little odd when I'm asked to sign a jersey I’ve already signed but I’m always happy to greet fans & sign it again."

Question from @marahk23: if you could only play against one other team in the league for a month straight which team would u want to play?

"I think Chicago or Anaheim or any elite team. Playing them is challenging & you must play your best just to compete."

Photo by Norm Hall.

Question from @YOTES4daCUP: most memorial moment you've had n hockey?

"I had a few moments in the playoffs vs Chicago but I think just getting drafted & being able to live my dream is huge."

Question from @SineRuairi: hi Boedy, what's your favorite outdoor activity here in AZ?

"Playing golf. There are a lot of nice courses around here."

Question from @JoboTheGoalie: What do you have on your pregame playlist?

"I carpool to games with Oliver & David & usually we just chat with some Top 20 music playing in the background."

Question from @KaitlynRenaud: Play any great locker room pranks?

"No I’m not much of a prankster because I know it’s going to backfire at some point so it’s safer not to do it."

Question from @CenterIceSweety: Other than family & friends, what do you miss most about Denmark?

"Probably the food. We’ve got good food there. And there’s a drink there called Faxe Kondi & that’s really good."

Question from @_Coyotes22: Describe your off season training. Do you stress mostly strength work? Any endurance type training?

"I do a little bit of everything. You have to cover all the bases in the gym & get into the best shape you possibly can.

Question from @destroychuk: is there a certain pre-game meal/snack that you eat before every game?

"Penne with alfredo and chicken and caesar salad. And bread. Pretty standard stuff."

Question from @tribccsd: After you, who's the second fastest skater on the team?

"There are a lot of fast guys on our team and I’m not even sure that I’m the fastest. Yands probably is."

Question from @payton_layne: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what teammate would you want to have with you?

"I’d have to say Doaner because he was on Man Tracker & has survival skills. I’d also bring Oliver along for company."

Question from @AndyCantHang: are you going to do the weather again any time soon?

"If I get another chance I'll do it again for sure. It was a lot of fun. Maybe next time I can do a sports report?"

Click here to watch Boedker do the weather on ABC 15

Question from @payton_layne: Who is your roommate on the road?

"We all have our own rooms on the road. Before that Oliver used to be my roommate."

Question from @Morgan24Lynn: Who came up with the idea for your name Mikkel? Is it passed down from a relative or a heritage significance?

"My parents. First they wanted to call me Loui. I’m not sure how they picked Mikkel but I’m glad they did. I like it."

Question from @kaileaps: who has the best hair on the team?

"Not me. Let’s just leave it at that. Ha!"

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