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Twitter Takeover: Joe Vitale

by Staff Writer / Arizona Coyotes

EDITOR'S NOTE: Coyotes forward Joe Vitale answered questions from fans on Wednesday on the team's official Twitter account:

"Hi everybody. This is Joe Vitale and I'm ready to start answering your questions!"

Question from: @eddiemac3: Joe what do you think your biggest challenge will be going from Pitt to Arizona?

"The biggest thing is simply joining a new team. I was w/PIT organization for 6 years so this is only my 2nd NHL team."

Question from: @Ducks54: Welcome to the Coyotes, Joe! What have you heard about this team that most excites you about playing here?


"I've heard nothing but positive things about the players, coaches and fans. I'm looking forward to being part of that."

Question from: @KevinJDLyons: What strengths would you say that you bring to the Coyotes?

"I like to play fast, aggressive and with an edge. I think that style of play can create energy for my teammates."

Question from: @xavier1320: have you had the chance yet to spend time here in AZ yet? If so, how are you liking it so far?

"I've been in AZ for 2 weeks & it has exceeded expectations. The weather, people & environment have blown me away!"

Question from: @ShaelyWhaley: what was your favorite team growing up?

"The Blues. I grew up in St. Louis so it was easy for me to root for them. Brett Hull was my favorite player."

Question from: @hOcKeYmAn617: favorite away rink to play in?

"I enjoy playing in Boston. The Pens/Bruins games are always intense & I played college hockey there for 4 years."

Question from: @gavinmeyers28: Who are some of the toughest d-men to play against?

"Zdeno Chara is tough to play vs. because of his size & my old teammate Paul Martin was always tough in practice."

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Question from: @shelbster_4: pancakes or waffles?

"That's an easy one. Waffles. But they have to be Mickey Mouse waffles because I eat those with my kids."

Question from: @benfidler: Joe, which players are you looking forward to playing with?

"My old teammate Zbynek Michalek, Shane Doan and Mike Smith, because I know how hard he is to score against."

Question from: @SlickSkillz91: Why did you make the decision to come to Phoenix?

"I think I'll be a good fit for the style of game the Coyotes play. Also it seems like a great move for my family."

Question from: @Doctor__Davis: Best fans in college hockey?

"The DogHouse at Northeastern University, of course."

Question from: ‏@NHLgirl1012: What's your favourite movie?

"My favorite movie of all-time is Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl."

Question from: @NBadie40:what nicknames have you been given in the past?

"Some people call me Vitz or Vitzy and I've had some guys call me Senor Smoke. Most people call me JV or Joe V."

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Question from: @SheaVedIce: What do you have to say to the members of the Joe Vitale Fan Club back here in Pittsburgh?

"All I can say is that you guys have been nothing but awesome to me and I will miss you. Thanks!"

Question from @ChrisRue2: Who is your favorite athlete?

"Jon Casey, the old North Stars goalie. I met him when I was 7. He was very kind to me & it went a long way."

Question from: @sorrymrgullible: What's your favorite part about being in the nhl?

"I think it's just being able to play hockey for a living. I love the game and it's a lot of fun for me."

Question from: @brianmcnulty11: Hey Joe big fan. Think you’re really down to Earth. How do you keep from getting a big ego as a star athlete?

"Thank you for the compliment! My family keeps me very grounded and humble."

Question from: @ensusunderland: what kind of music do you like?

"I like all kinds of music but my favorites are classic rock, country and oldies. I love the Beatles."

Question from: @RizzNasty: favorite TV show?

"I have a weird obsession with the Food Network and I love watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives."

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Question from: @PensBeerGeek: What's the secret to being an effective penalty killer?

"I think it's being aggressive and patient at the right times, and also having good teammate support."

Question from: @dangiano_: pregame meal?

"I don't have a strict pre-game meal. It changes based on how I played in the previous game. Usually red meat & pasta."

Question from: @Jackie_22: any pregame rituals or pregame meals??

"No rituals. I just like to keep things loose and change things up for every game."

Question from:@kat__w0man: Will you do the Dougie with Yandle after winning games?

"Yes, of course. Even though I have two right feet I'll give it my best shot!"

Question from: @RoccoJ95: Who is the most superstitious teammate you have had??

"That's easy. Sidney Crosby. When I first started with the Pens I felt like I was walking on eggshells on game days."

Question from:@mt_winston: Who's the hardest working player you've ever played with in the NHL?

"Brooks Orpik because of his on-ice and off-ice approaches to the game. His work ethic is awesome!"

"Thanks to everyone who sent me a question. I'm sorry there wasn't enough time for me to answer them all. Take care! -- Joe Vitale"

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