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Twitter Takeover: Devan Dubnyk

by Staff Writer / Arizona Coyotes

EDITOR'S NOTE: Coyotes goalie Devan Dubnyk answered questions from fans on Friday on the team's official Twitter account:

"Hello everybody. This is Devan Dubnyk and I'm ready to start answering your questions so let's get started... #AskDubnyk"


Question from @TheDerrickHolt: If you weren't a hockey player, what would you be doing?

"It's tough to imagine doing anything but hockey. The easy choice would be golf but I'm no good at that."

Question from: @puckstopper: ‏What jersey # will you wear? How about your mask concept?

"I'll be wearing #40. My mask will have Doc Holliday/Wyatt Earp themed giraffes on each side. It looks awesome!"

Question from: @DANger_Zone_16: what do you think about reuniting with Gagner?

"I'm very excited. Sam's a good friend and it's a big bonus for me to have him there with me on a new team."

Question from: @PHXSportsHub: How much of an advantage do you feel that your height gives you in net?

"It's definitely an advantage but only if I play strong positionally so I focus on doing that."

Photo by Getty Images.

Question from: @WedOct31: what nickname do you LIKE to be called ( have to get my sign ready )

"Any form of my last name, but it's always fun when friends come up with a unique nickname. We'll see if that happens."

Question from: @rieger_35: do you have any special pre game rituals, or walk into each game differently?

"I do have a routine. I'm not superstitious, in case I can't follow it, but there are too many things to list here."

Question from: @eddiemac3: what was your welcome to the NHL moment? Besides the draft.

"My NHL debut on Hockey Night in Canada in VAN. I came in off the bench down 4-0. Crowd was crazy & so were my nerves."

Question from: @NotVijuente: favourite pregame meal?

"I like chicken/salmon with veggies and pasta with Rose sauce."

Question from @chaseavelar: are you looking forward to a fresh start in Arizona?

"Very much so. Last year was a tough year. I'm excited to forget about it & there's no better place to do it than AZ."

Question from: @Jackie_22: favorite team growing up?

"I moved so much that I didn't really have a favorite team. I usually cheered for the home team wherever I was."

Question from: @azcoyotedog: would you ever consider playing goalie without a mask like in the old days?

"No way! Not to discredit bravery of past goalies but pucks get raised a little higher/easier now w/ the new sticks."

Question from: @toohottoyandle: what's your second fav sport?

"Golf. I try to play once a week & I'm excited to maybe play a little in the winter for the 1st time in my life."

Question from: @JeanneRuairi: hi Devan what is something you're looking forward to this season?

"I'm looking forward to a fresh start & the chance to play on a new, hardworking team that's always competitive."

Question from: @Mackaddie: Who was your goalie idol growing up?

"When I 1st started playing goal in Calgary, Fred Brathwaite was the Flames goalie. I watched him & he became my favorite."

Question from: @GrecekC: What do you like the most about the new team?

"The Coyotes are always competitive & I'm excited to work w/ Sean Burke. Everyone tells me he's one of the best coaches."

Photo by Norm Hall.

Question from: @Woodguy55: thoughts on longer goalie stick?

"There was an adjustment period at first but overall I didn't mind it."

Question from: @TBog23: Besides Gagner, do you already know some of the guys on the team? If so, who?

"I know some of the guys. I just skated w/ Schlemko & Chipchura this week & I know Smitty & Yandle & Doaner a little bit."

Question from: @CrazyWicki: Why goalie?

"I was always defensive minded playing sports as a kid. For a reason I can't recall I just decided to play goal one year."

"Thanks to everybody who sent a question today. I'm sorry there wasn't enough time for me to get to more. See you in 2014-15 - Devan Dubnyk"

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