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Twitter Takeover: Dave Moss

by Staff Writer / Arizona Coyotes

EDITOR'S NOTE: Coyotes forward Dave Moss answered questions from fans on Friday on the team's official Twitter account. The transcript is below...

"Hi everybody. This is Dave Moss and I’m ready to answer your questions so here goes..."

Question from @BindyShay: If the world eneded tomorrow, what would be your last meal?

"It would definitely be a pepperoni pizza from Primo’s in Livonia, Michigan."


Question from @thatkidmaxx: what does it take to be in the NHL?

"That's a good question. It takes a lot of hard work, some patience and luck."

Question from @Sincerely_Honey: when you aren't practicing or playing hockey what do you like to do in your spare time?

"In the off-season I love to golf. During the season I like to just relax & watch some of my favorite TV shows."

Question from @tribccsd: After you, who is the best hustler on the team?

"Are you referring to the dance "the Hustle"? If so it’s definitely Keith Yandle."

Question from @OliviaCisick: any favorite bands?

"The Gaslight Anthem is my favorite band. They rock!"

Question from @CoyoteLori: if u could have anyone in league join the #coyotes who would u pick?

"I would pick Sidney Crosby, for obvious reasons."

Question from @Skylar_Peterson: I know you're a Tigers fan so who's your favorite player on the team?

"My favorite player on the Tigers is Miguel Cabrera. Again for obvious reasons. That guy’s a stud!"

Question from @Bricee2011: does the team hang out on days you dont have games?

"Yeah but we hang out more on the road on the days we don’t have games. At home guys have families or other obligations."

Question from @CaseyPSH: Hi Dave. Were you and Phil Kessel close as cousins growing up? Ever go one on one together just for fun?

"Yes. We spent holidays together & we’d go visit them in the summer. We definitely played a lot of hockey but never 1-on-1."

Question from ‏@CenterIceSweety: What are your medal predictions for men's hockey in this year's olympics?

"Here are my predictions: USA will win gold, Canada will win silver and Sweden will take the bronze."

Question from @JTPoni23: Did you have to buy your cousin Phil dinner after the loss to the Leafs?

"No I didn’t. Actually he bought me dinner the night before the game."

Question from @derrty_d: had a great time meeting you this past weekend at the zoo, you guys are awesome!!!

"Thanks! We all had a fun time at the zoo and enjoyed meeting the people who were there."

Question from @manchacat: do u think OEL has a career in modeling if his NHL dreams don't pan out? :)

"Absolutely! That guy’s hair is flowing and perfect."

Question from @_Coyotes22: why no visor ?

"Good question. Did my mom tell you to ask me that? Ha! I just feel like I see better on the ice without one."

Question from @YotesLove: What is your favorite thing about playing in Phoenix?

"Lots of things. The guys on the team are great and everyone who works for the organization is really first class."

Question from@_Coyotes22: Describe off season training. Strength work as opposed to endurance work. Running?

"I do a lot of weight training and running, but it's mostly sprint running not endurance running."

Question from @MHeimannASU: What is your best memory as a member of the #Coyotes?

"My first game here was cool. It was the home opener last year vs Chicago and the place was sold out. Great atmosphere!"

Question from @theNAMEisCAM79: What has been your greatest experience on or off the ice since joining the #NHL ?

"I’ve had a lot of great experiences but my favorite was scoring my first NHL goal against LA in my rookie season."

Question from @jarrin0: Given the chance, what other sport would you want to play professionally?

"Without a doubt it would be baseball. I played it all growing up and in high school and I loved it."

Question from @JoboTheGoalie: Who did you root for growing up? Either a team or favorite player.

"Like a lot of players, my favorite player growing up was Steve Yzerman."

"Thanks everybody for all the great questions. Wish I had time to answer all of them because it was a lot of fun. Take care!"

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