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Twitter Takeover: Brendan Perlini

by Staff Writer / Arizona Coyotes

EDITOR'S NOTE: Coyotes first-round draft pick Brendan Perlini answered questions from fans on Friday on the team's official Twitter account:

"Hi everyone. This is @Bubzp11. It’s been an exciting day for me & I’m very excited to answer your questions. Follow along using #AskPerlini"

Question from @xavier1320: do you have any pre-game rituals you like to do? Any superstitions?

"No superstitions, just routines to get me in the right mindset for a game. I'm a big pre-game visualizer."

Question from @ rossdelliott: Growing up in England, where did you go to school? And did you have a uniform? (e.g. a little tie and shorts)

"I went to a school called Northmead and yes, we did wear uniforms. Golf shirt, sweater, slacks and dress shoes."

Question from @LeafsFansUnited: Fav kind of pizza

"Pepperoni - thin crust."

Question from @Ducks54: congrats on the new contract! What are you most excited about playing in Arizona?

"I'd never been to AZ before Dev. Camp. I liked it. It's got a good fan base and I'm excited to play there someday!"

Question from @XEmma21: do you ever wonder how different your life would be if you stayed in the UK.

"I think I'd still be playing hockey over there but my golf game would probably be better than it is now."

Question from @Jenvey_O: Hopefully you can make the Roster, what number will you choose if you do?

"I like to wear No. 11. That's the No. I've always worn but I know Martin Hanzal wears that No. I like the No. 29 too."

Question from @JeanneRuairi: what was your favorite part of Coyotes prospect camp?

"I liked being in AZ. I enjoyed getting to see the city and getting to know it. Getting on the ice was fun too."

Photo by Norm Hall.

Question from @AndyCanhHang: What's going to be the biggest adjustment you'll have to make?

"I think the physicality at the next level will be tough. I'll be playing vs. men. Battles will be challenging."

Question from @CVerhaeghe21: how's your golf game coming along? Do @mikeyrobs19 and I have to beat you again?

"My game is great. Thanks for asking. Me and @mercdaddy6 will beat you guys again real soon."

Question from @JTPoni23: Has former IceDog @vizzer29 been able to give you any tips about joining the Coyotes organization?

"Mark has congratulated me about it and he's told me it's a great team to be part of and a great place to live."

Question from @BStretton96: What does the prospect of playing in the NHL feel like?

"It feels great. It's always been one of my longterm goals and hopefully if I keep working hard it will happen."

Question from @jordielow: PS4 or Xbox One?

"I am an Xbox guy and my favorite game is FIFA."

Question from @brettperlini: what happened on hole #6 today?

"The same thing that happened to you on No. 15!"

Question from @MercianaTod43: so do you have any pre game warm up or song to get you pumped up for the game?

"I like We Own the Night by Tiesto. It gets me in a good state of mind and focused for the game."

Question from @JasonmkNHL: How do you think your game will mesh with a very defensive team like the @ArizonaCoyotes ?

"In the NHL you've got to be a two-way player. That's what I'm trying to work on now and I think I'll fit in well."

Question from @BrandonAllison: If you crack the roster who are you most excited to play with?

"Shane Doan. He's been in the NHL for such a long time, he'd be a great player for me to learn from."

Question from @murphhockey: What is your favorite memory throughout your whole career?

"Getting drafted by Arizona. Everything else led up to that moment. It was a dream come true for me."

Question from @torreey: do you like transformers?

"I do. I saw the new movie the other day. A lot of it was filmed near where I live so I was trying to recognize sites."

Question from @ForeverFarhiya: Is bubz seriously your nickname? And who picked it 4 u if so.

"Yes. I think my dad gave it to me when I was 2 or 3 years old in England & it's stuck with me all these years."

Question from @azcharlie34: where do u think u will play this year and when do u imagine yourself playing with the big Yotes??

"I'm hoping to play with Arizona this year. That's my goal right now. If I don't make it then we'll go from there."

Question from @GoallineDesigns: Who was your favorite player growing up?

"Mario Lemieux. He was always one of the best forwards in the game and I've tried to mold my game after his."

Question from @NBadie40: what kind of music do you like?

"I enjoy all kinds of music - rock, country, pop, rap. My favorite band is U2."

Question from @derekyotesfan: I'm excited that your on the team and I wish you luck. I gotta ask do you have a favorite pregame meal?

"Thanks! I usually eat lasagna before games."

Question from @Donna_0903: what was it like throwing out the first pitch at the Dbacks game? Did you get to talk to any players?

"It was fun & probably a once in a lifetime opportunity. I wish I'd hit the plate but I put too much mustard on it."

"Thanks to everybody for the questions today. I enjoyed answering them & wish I had time to answer more. Thanks again --- @Bubzp11"

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