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Turris Skates with Coyotes for First Time This Season

by Dave Vest / Arizona Coyotes
GLENDALE -- Center Kyle Turris, who inked a multi-year contract with the Coyotes on Tuesday, skated with teammates on Friday morning for the first time since re-signing.

Just before the skate officially began, several teammates urged Turris to go into the middle of the circle of players at center ice and lead them through the pre-skate stretch. He obliged.

Kyle Turris
Turris will continue to skate with teammates for a few days and then report to the team's American Hockey League affiliate for a conditioning assignment.

After Friday's skate, Turris answered questions from the media about returning to the team. The transcript of the Q & A session is below:

Q: Can you speak to us about being back with the team and your first day out on the ice and just coming back in general?

Turris: “Yeah, it’s good to get back on the ice and throw the puck around with the guys and just get comfortable again.”

Q: How were you received here when you first came back?

Turris: “Good. The guys on the team have all been great. Everything’s been good.”

Q: Can you talk about where you are in terms of conditioning and how long do you think it’s going to take for you to get back in the lineup for the Coyotes?

Turris: “I feel pretty good right now. I did all my tests yesterday (and) the day before yesterday. I feel really good. I’ve been skating everyday, I’ve been in the gym every morning and I feel like I’m in really good shape.”

Kyle Turris
Q: Can you talk about that in a little more detail? What have you been doing? How long have you been skating each day? How long in the gym? Just kind of sum it up for us.

Turris: “I’ve been on the ice an hour and a half (for) five days a week, in the gym six days a week every morning; a combination of running the treadmill and a heavy lifting routine to put on some weight and some strength. I feel really good.”

Q: It looked like the guys had you go to the center of the stretch circle there (at the morning skate). What did that mean to you?

Turris: “Yeah, it’s comforting that the guys are welcoming me back and making me feel like part of the team again.”

Q: There were some, if you want to call it, harsh words, the fast few months on both sides. Is something like that just the business side of this?

Turris: “Yeah, like you said, it’s just the business side of things. I don’t think I really said anything. But like you said, it’s business, (and I’m) just getting back on the ice and getting comfortable again.”

Q: The prospect of not playing (this season), how did that set with you, beyond the business? It’s what you’ve been doing your entire life. You get up, you put skates on, you go to the rink, you play. But you weren’t, how hard was that?

Turris: “Definitely. I always want to be on the ice playing. The hour and a half, getting on the ice myself was definitely a relaxer for me and getting comfortable, but like I said, I’m comfortable getting back on the ice here and I’m looking forward to today and starting soon.”

Kyle Turris
Q: These guys here were talking about making sure you carried some bags along the way and having some fun and maybe buying a few dinners. That’s the room, right? You expect that?

Turris: “I expected that coming back, that the guys would be joking with me. That’s just all part of coming back to the team, so that’s fine by me.”

Q: Did you follow the team on a daily basis? And how do you think of how it’s played so far this year?

Turris: “The team’s been doing really great; they’ve been doing really well, winning and playing a good, solid hockey game. So, they’ve been doing really well.”

Q: When you go back to playing that series against Detroit, that appeared to be the moment where you were playing your style, your play. That’s what you want to be, right? Don Maloney just said the other night, “That’s the guy that we drafted.”

Turris: “Yeah, that’s how I play and I’m looking forward to going out and playing like that the rest of this year and improving.”
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