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The Boedker Blog: We've Found Our Groove

by Mikkel Boedker / Arizona Coyotes

GLENDALE -- Our team is playing well now and we’re eager to head up to western Canada this weekend to try to win more games. I think we’ve been playing better hockey the past few games. We’ve learned from past mistakes and we know the way we have to play to win. It was a bit bumpy in the beginning, but we’ve found our groove a little bit. I think we’re the most productive when we get the puck in deep and we cycle and we use our defensemen on the blueline and just get pucks to the net. I think that’s where we’re the most efficient.

Photo by Getty Images.

This trip to Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver will be fun. We all like playing in those buildings; they’re packed, they’re loud, and it’s a good hockey atmosphere. The people there really study and enjoy the game and, obviously, we have a lot of Canadians on our team, so it’s fun for them to go home and see their friends and families and play in front of them.

I don’t get to play in front of my family very often. My dad watches all of our games on TV. My mom tries, but I think she falls asleep sometimes. It’s nice to have that support. My dad knows the way I’ve been playing my whole life and he knows the way I play best. So if he sees some part of my game that he thinks I can improve on or maybe do differently, he might say it and we might discuss it.

I miss my family and friends but I’ve lived on my own since I was 15 when I moved to Sweden, so I wouldn’t say I get homesick. It would be nice to see them more, but on the other hand I’m living my dream right now and everybody understands that. We are a hockey family. But it’s always nice to get a phone call from them. I talk to them pretty much every day via text or a call.

This week has been a little strange considering we have four days off in between games, but I think this break is needed. We’ve had a pretty tough schedule to open up the season and it’s just going to get harder from now on. Plus, we have a few players who are nicked up so having a few days off will help them heal.

Mikkel Boedker

A reporter asked me today if I watch other NHL teams play on the nights that our team doesn’t play. Honestly, I really don’t. Sometimes I’ll watch a game if it’s on but it’s not like I look at the programming and hope for hockey. We have enough hockey every day, so it’s nice to get away from it. For example, the other afternoon there was a hockey game on at home but I didn’t watch it. Instead I went and played golf with some of the guys.

By the way, I'm not a very good golfer. I like to get out and play but it’s a hard, hard game. Every time I try to hit the ball I look up. I just can’t keep my head down on the ball. It’s probably because when you are shooting in hockey you have to look up and see where the goalie is. It’s a hard habit for me to break on the golf course, but I do like playing golf. It’s always nice to get out on the course.

Well, that’s all for now. Thank you for reading.

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