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The Boedker Blog: We're Playing Well But We Can’t Let Up

by Mikkel Boedker / Arizona Coyotes

GLENDALE – Our team is in the middle of a nice break between games and this break is much needed. Everybody enjoys having days like today where you just go to practice and you don’t have to play a game the day after. We’ve had a tough schedule so far so it’s nice to get a little down time and regroup and fix the things that we need to fix.


We’ve played well and won 14 games, but I think we can play at an even higher level. We’re getting the points that we need to be a playoff contender and right now it looks pretty promising. But we’ve only played 21 games. We can’t let up. We have to keep going. Everybody has been contributing so far and we need that to continue.

We’re been finishing a lot of our chances this season but once we get deeper into the season I think you’re going to see us playing a lot more lower-scoring goals. Right now we’re shooting the puck and scoring goals. It’s fun to score a lot of goals. Who knows? Maybe we can keep this up.

On Monday, our team played in a golf outing to benefit Coyotes Charities. It was a beautiful day out at the Troon North golf course, and it was a good experience for a good cause and everybody enjoyed themselves.

I played in a fivesome with team co-owner David Duckett and some of his employees from one of his other companies. Our group didn’t win, but we played well and had a good time. I think we finished at 16-under. It was a best-ball scramble, which is a fun way to play golf because there’s not a lot of pressure on just one player and sometimes you can get lucky and hit a really good shot.

Golf is hard game to master. You have to practice a lot. I just want to play like the pros on TV but I don’t really want to put the practice time in. I’ll probably never get there. Golf is also a unique game in that plays tricks on your mind. I know after I hit a good shot I get all excited about it, but then I hit 10 bad ones in a row before I hit another good one. It’s definitely a game that keeps you coming back for more. Even if I shoot a 100 I want to go back and play again. Other sports, if I play poorly, I don’t want to go back and play again. But golf is a weird spot. No matter how much I play poorly I still want to play again.

A reporter asked me today if I’ve been using our break to catch up on recent movies. The answer is no, although I finally saw the first The Hunger Games movie the other day on TV. I guess it was on because there ‘s a new one coming out soon. I liked it. It was kind of interesting and a cool way to make a movie. I just might go see the next one. We’ll see. I’ll probably end up just waiting until it comes on TV like the first one.

Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading this blog and for your support this season. I look forward to seeing the fans at our two home games this week.

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