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Talking to Sheridan Gloyd: The Girl Behind the Campaign

by Cat Silverman / Arizona Coyotes

The Arizona Coyotes rebranded their marketing campaign for the 2015-16 season, creating a series of media initiatives that looked to embrace all that made hockey in the desert so different.

One of the faces of the campaign was 15 year old Sheridan Gloyd, an Arizona native who personified everything that makes hockey in the desert so great. She’s a defenseman and team captain for the U16AA Lady Coyotes team in Phoenix, but got her start playing with the Little Howlers program sponsored by the Coyotes; she’s gone from being a local talent to the face of the team’s media campaign, particularly when highlighting women’s events.

You might have seen her in the team’s commercials; the blonde, intense skater poses in the video in a Coyotes shirt with her stick and a net, pausing during a game of street hockey to make eye contact with all the viewers throughout the year. She’s a quick reminder during the team’s social campaign that hockey is growing in the desert – and not just for young boys playing the sport. She’s a representative for all the growth that women’s hockey has seen in the valley, as well.

She started the Little Howlers because her younger brother had decided to join, but quickly fell in love with ice hockey – and now a decade later, she’s hoping to keep playing for another five or ten years.

She’s one of the rare girls who didn’t just grow up within the girl’s hockey system in Arizona, but stayed in the state instead of heading out to an East Coast prep school. That hasn’t stopped her from earning the ‘C’ with her U16 AA team this year, though, and it didn’t keep her from being one of the select few girls invited to participate in a camp to name the all-state team for Arizona. Sheridan told the Coyotes that she wants to keep playing until she’s in college, and she’s got plenty of opportunity to; with a U19 program for the Lady Coyotes and now an ACHA team at Arizona State University for women’s ice hockey, her options to continue playing hockey here in the valley have grown exponentially since the time she started playing.

Hockey in Arizona is still growing, and it’s not something that people outside of the state may know much about yet. Like anyone who’s ever played hockey, though, Sheridan was quick to give a reason why she still loves playing the sport so much:

“Nothing is better than the feeling of stepping on the ice and not having to worry about a thing with my teammates by my side.

Girls just starting to play hockey should know: never give up and keep pushing yourself, because hockey is an amazing sport.”

Like the growing number of successful ice hockey players coming out of Arizona – including Olympic Silver medalist Lyndsey Fry and potential first overall 2016 draft selection Auston Matthews – Sheridan is an easy reminder of why hockey is successful, even in a non-traditional market. Whether playing house or for a girls’ junior club, she’s always found a reason to keep playing – which makes her the perfect person to have on all the billboards and tweets reminding fans that they should be proud to be from the desert.

The fame has been unexpected, of course. Sheridan is just 15, so she mentioned that she’ll get texts from her friends whenever they see her on TV. She doesn’t mind it, though; it’s an honor to be the face of women’s hockey in the team’s social stratosphere, and she knows that.

She’s not the only young girl to have fallen in love with ice hockey since the sport started to grow in the desert, and she hopefully won’t be the last. That’s one of the best parts of seeing the sport grow in the southwestern community; it’s not just growing for young boys, it’s growing rapidly for girls, as well.

Sheridan’s story is just the beginning.

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