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by Staff Writer / Arizona Coyotes
By: Ethan Houser

Pack 127 Webelos

Have you ever been involved in a Color Guard at a sporting event or camped out in a sporting arena? Well, I have along with Pack 127 at St. Francis Xavier School in Phoenix, Ariz.

My name is Ethan Houser and I am a Webelo in Pack 127. My Pack was chosen to do the Color Guard for a Phoenix Coyotes hockey game at the Arena during Scout Night on Nov. 15, 2008. The whole evening started for us by meeting the members of our Pack outside of the arena about an hour before the game. We entered a special side entrance, and had to go through security to get in. Once we were inside, a few members of our Pack went downstairs to the ice level. They received their special instructions for handling the Color Guard. I went up to my seat with a few of my friends in the Pack and my dad. I mentioned to my friends and my dad that every Coyotes game I’ve been to at the arena I was able to get on the big screen television on the scoreboard. Well, this trip was no different. Just after we took our seats, a cameraman came over and put us on the big scoreboard again. It was really cool. After he left, another guy came by and took pictures of us for the newspaper. About this time it was ready for the game to begin. The lights dimmed in the arena and the fans got excited for the game to begin. All of a sudden they announced the Color Guard was going to be Pack 127 from St. Francis Xavier School. We cheered for our Pack, school and friends. They were on the video screen while the National Anthem was sung. What a cool experience.

A family participates in the Scout Sleepover at Arena on Saturday night.
Right after the game started all of us went to get our free hot dogs and sodas provided by the Coyotes. We sat down just in time for the first bloody nose from one of the Dallas Stars. It was right in front of us. Later in the game there was another big fight right in front of our seats. It was a good game, although the Stars won. After the game, we all lined up and were able to go down on the ice and shoot some pucks into the net. Then we got to camp out in the arena with a movie.

Once the shooting of the pucks ended we went to our cars to get our sleeping bags. We all picked out a place to sleep in the arena. After we got our spots ready, I played with my friends on the second level of the stadium. We found some other cub scouts that were on the third level and they were shining a laser pointer at us. We fired back with a flashlight and a war was on. Although a friendly war, it was fun. About the same time things were really heating up on the war front, it was time to go see the movie. It was around midnight and we went into the arena and took our seats. They turned out all the lights and showed a movie on the big scoreboard. It was “The Mighty Ducks.” The movie ended and we went back to camp in the arena and went to bed. We awoke early in the morning after three hours of sleep and went down for some doughnuts and orange juice. That ended our stay.

Thanks to the Phoenix Coyotes for the fun. It was a lot of fun; you should try it yourself next time.
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