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by Staff Writer / Arizona Coyotes

Name: Christian Ruuttu
Years with the Coyotes: 4th Year
Years as a scout: 4th Year
Areas scouted: Primarily, all hockey that goes on in Europe.
How many games do you see a year? I saw at least 290 games this year. In the last five months, I was on the road five to six times a week.
What is your background in hockey? I played 17 years of professional hockey, which includes 10 years in the NHL. I was a General Manager in Finland for four years with former Coyotes Coach Barry Smith coaching there. I then decided to get into scouting.
Why did you get into scouting? I thought it was something fun to do. I got a call here in Phoenix asking if I would be interested and it worked out. I've always been involved in hockey and I know the game.
How did you get your start in the Coyotes organization? I had a long relationship with Barry Smith and he called me to see if I was interested. I had a long relationship with him as he was on the coaching staff when I played for Buffalo in 1986. Barry also coached my team in Finland so he was the main person in getting me here.
You scout not only amateur players, but professional players as well, correct? The idea for us in the pro scouting is to keep an eye on every player that's playing professional. If there is going to be a trade with a throw-in, we nned to know who the kid is at that moment. I see the Russian leagues, Swedish leagues, Finnish leagues, Czech leagues, and German leagues. There is a lot of traveling and a lot work.

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