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Roenick's Twitter Takeover Transcript

by Staff Writer / Arizona Coyotes

EDITOR'S NOTE: Coyotes icon Jeremy Roenick answered questions from fans on Sunday night on the team's official Twitter account via #AskJR:

Q1. What do you miss most about playing?
A1. I miss that intimate feeling of being on the ice, on the stage, in front of the fans. The fan/player relationship. - JR

Q2. Which current player in the NHL plays most like you did?
A2. I don't think there's any - really. I'd say Corey Perry is closest. But I was faster and I hit more. - JR

Q3. What type of music did you listen to before games?
A3. At the beginning I was into Rock n Roll - Ozzy Osbourne. Then later I got into dance music - 70's disco. - JR

Q4. What is your opinion on Mark Arcobello?
A4. I like him. He's a responsible player. He's scoring goals - he's young & he's had a nice start. Still too early to judge. - JR

Q5. What was the best hockey moment of your career?
A5. Probably the 2002 Gold Medal Olympic Game. My first All-Star game in Chicago. Scoring my 500th goal. Those 3 moments. - JR

Q6. If you could play with one player on the #Coyotes currently, who would you like to play with?
A6. I really enjoy watching @Mikkelboedker play. He's fast, he can score and he can do some of the dirty work for me. – JR

Q7. What are your thoughts on how the Coyotes are rebuilding for the future? 
A7. There's no choice in the matter. It's time to rebuild. - JR

Q8. When you get into the HHOF, what team jersey do you want to be inducted in?
A8. I hope that happens. But I think the Hall picks the shirt - we don't. - JR

Q9. You signed my jersey and a picture for me for my sixth birthday so I just wanted to say thank you for being so nice to me.
A9. Thanks a lot - it took you long enough to thank me. You're very welcome. LOL. - JR

Q10. What team was your favorite to play on?
A10. Honestly, I played on the best teams you could play on. I played in arguably 5 of the best places you can live in the NHL. - JR

Q11. Where was your favorite city/stadium to play in?
A11. All the original 6 old buildings - a lot of history there. - JR

Q12. The best restaurant in your hometown of Marshfield is??? #BridgewayeAllDay
A12. That would be McDonald's. - JR

Q13. JR, big fan, how do you keep your ego in check being such a big superstar that you were?
A13. I love people and I'm very respectable. My ego was left on the ice after I retired. I just talked a big game. - JR

Q14. (From Howler) What was the secret ingredient to that magical flow? Any tips for me?
A14. Howler you're a hairy guy - you should know the secrets. - JR
A 14 B. Cheap hair gel. – JR

Q15. McDavid or Eichel?
A15. I like Eichel because he's American, he's Boston. But McDavid will be #1. - JR

Q16. Favourite Canadian city to play in? 
A16. They're all phenomenal. Probably Vancouver - beautiful city, great people, real fun city. - JR

Q17. Who, in your opinion, is the most underrated player in the league today? 
A17. Patrice Bergeron, Mike Fisher, Keith Yandle. - JR

Q18. What's your favorite golf course around the Phoenix area? 
A18. I love Whisper Rock and I love Silverleaf. Public - Troon. - JR

Q19. Most memorable moment as a Coyote??
A19. Probably when I came back in Game 7 with a broken jaw during the white out against St. Louis. Very cool night. Who was there? -JR

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