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Q&A with Arena Host Kristen Keogh

by Arizona Coyotes @ArizonaCoyotes / Arizona Coyotes

The Coyotes are pleased to welcome back Kristen Keogh as the team's Arena Host for the 2018-19 season.

Recently, Keogh, a Valley-based TV and internet personality who once attended Coyotes games as a member of the Paw Patrol, sat down with for a preseason Q&A ... 

Q: How much did you enjoy returning to Gila River Arena last season and how much are you looking forward to being the Arena Host from the start this season? 

KEOGH: Returning to the arena felt like coming home for me. The opportunity to return was a pleasant surprise and I immediately felt comfortable holding the mic again. I cannot wait to spend a whole season with the team and continue to get to know the fans. I am also super excited for fans to be able to experience in-arena entertainment on the new video board!! 

Q: What do you most enjoy about being the Arena Host at Coyotes games?

KEOGH: The best part is, hands down, getting to be face to face with Coyotes fans. Whether it's a quick conversation on the concourse or getting to joke with a contestant during a game, I find myself smiling after every interaction.

Q: You seem very comfortable interacting with fans. Does that come easy for you or do you have to overcome some level of shyness?  

KEOGH: It's funny because in a lot of environments, I actually do feel shy but never at Gila River Arena which speaks to the comfort I feel at Coyotes games. After about a decade of just being in front of a camera it can be really intimidating to host in front of a live audience again so I was definitely a little nervous about that when I returned to the role. I quickly realized that during my years just talking into a camera, I had been missing the amazing energy that comes from a live audience, especially Coyotes fans.

Tweet from @KristenKeogh: Meet Lawson. He won our @ArizonaCoyotes roster challenge tonight and he���s the coolest!

Q: We've noticed you wear No. 24 on your Coyotes sweater when you host the games. Is there a fun reason behind this choice of number?

KEOGH: Yes! I wear No. 24 because my dog Ace was born on July 24th. I am a slightly obsessed dog mom!

Q: We often see you outside the arena at many of the team's community events. How much do you enjoy playing a role in the team's community service efforts? 

KEOGH: It's an honor to be able to represent the Coyotes in our community and that's actually one of the best parts of the job. I particularly love when we have a community event at a school. Kids are tremendously excited by sports so when we come to their school it's an incredible opportunity to make them feel special and let them know every fan matters to us.

Q: You began your association with the Coyotes as a member of the Paw Patrol not too long ago. Tell us about your Paw Patrol experience and how it helped you become a hockey fan and help you get to where you are in your career today?

KEOGH: If it weren't for the Paw Patrol, I am not sure I would have the communication skills I have today. I learned a lot about people and also about accountability from that job. Being a member of the Paw Patrol requires a great amount of personal responsibility. All of the ladies are tasked with jobs including rolling t-shirts, being in charge of prizes, selecting contestants, helping coordinate games and much more. Time management and punctuality is also critical when participating in promotions during the game. Connecting with sports fans helped me realize I wanted a career that kept me connected to this community. I also feel the fans have helped me succeed because of the support they have been giving me for the past 10-plus years. Coyotes fans have made me feel like I can do anything I dream of because no matter what task I take on, they are constantly reaching out with encouraging words. I was a Coyotes fan as a child but being a part of the Paw Patrol brought my obsession to a whole new level because beyond just what was happening on the ice, I began rooting for the entire organization. 

Q: Working for the Coyotes is just one of your many endeavors. What are you up to when you are not at Gila River Arena?

KEOGH: I have a lot going on! I am a weather forecaster at 12 News where I also co-host the Emmy Award-winning show Cardinals Locker room which airs after Sunday Night Football. I am a social media host at The Social Television Network. I also co-host Driven, a digital show created for My passion is the outdoors so I have a blog called Here with Her. I love hiking, kayaking and going on road trips. Here with Her is a place to empower women to get outdoors and fearlessly explore!  

NOTE: Follow Kristen Keogh on Twitter at @KristenKeogh

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