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Postcards From Prague : Wish You Were Here

by Todd Walsh / Arizona Coyotes
Wish you were here.

                  Todd Walsh
It seems like only yesterday when my older brother finally had a chance to go out and experience the world all for himself.
He was in his mid-teens as I remember. Our older sister had already left the nest. She
was a world traveler by high school. Now it was Scott’s turn.
As the story goes, he took off for the peaceful and sandy beaches of Florida with a neighboring family.
That’s what people who grew up far, far from Eastern or even Central Europe did.
They either went to Florida, or Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
Once every ten years they’d go to Niagara Falls and ride the “Maid of the Mist.”
What could possibly go wrong?

His postcard from that first trip told the story.

It was one of those cards that had the giant blocks of letters on the front.
Each letter with a sparkling new color never before seen in the snow belt on the shores of
Lake Ontario.

F L O R I D A !!!

It read:
Dear Mom and Dad,
Having a great time.
Cut my arm on a mini bike and went to the hospital for stitches.
Wish you were here.

It’s one of those stories that are told almost every Christmas time in our family.
Sometimes it mutates, like all legends do.

Today it could read:

Dear Mom and Dad,
Just landed in Phoenix.
Broke my arm in six places and must have surgery to save my limb.
Wish you were here.

You get my drift.

So, why not?
For old time’s sake!

Dear Mom,
It really has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all of us on this trip. Prague is breathtaking.
Thanks so much for the e-mails. Yes, the game is rapidly approaching. It has been a bit of a grind and I won’t lie, I haven’t slept much. I figure I should be on track right about the time we leave after the game on Sunday.
And, you and Janet were right. I am the king of over packing. In fact I checked today. I have four shirts left, one pair of pants, two pairs of socks and one pair of underwear.
The shirts were a DNP/Coach’s decision. I brought long sleeve shirts and a jacket. Wasn’t sure how to play the weather card here.
I also brought about five power converters. All I needed was one. The hotel supplied the other. You could run a small company with the power I could drag to my room.
The bran breakfast bars haven’t done what I needed them to, however.
Lucky me. The tissue here is military issue.

Oh, by the way, I fell down the stairs and broke my collarbone. I will be in a hospital in Prague for the next 6 months.
I’ll call soon.
Wish you were here.


Game on!
After nearly 6,000 miles, a 9-hour time difference, a week of practice, an excursion to Latvia and a little sight seeing, it’s here! The regular season has arrived.
Enjoy the ride!
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