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by Heath Price-Khan / Arizona Coyotes
At this point in the season every fan of the Phoenix Coyotes is familiar with our crazy wise cracking snowman known as Pierre The Fanatic Hockey Snowman.

You may also know him as the self proclaimed "White Blur" because of his belief that he is lightning quick on the ice. If you have not seen Pierre in our TV commercials or on the Jumbotron igniting the crowd, this will serve as a great example about why he has "Fanatic" as part of his name.
To make a long story short, I returned to the office today and believe it or not I actually had a message from Pierre. Here is the transcript of what he had to say.
"Hey Mr. Coyotes Website Guy....You think you are real clever with your Coyotes Trax......Song selections from Wayne Gretzky, Shane Doan, Grant Fuhr, and Dan Carcillo...those are pretty cool, but they do not know music like Pierre knows music.....they have not inspired songs from musical geniuses like Pierre has.....Who do you think Alicia Keys was thinking about when she wrote "No One"? It is not a trick question, the answer is one stops Pierre....just ask shelf baby...When Lupe Fiasco penned that new hit "Superstar" he called Pierre to make sure I was ok with him using my other nickname....Even Vanilla Ice got rich off Pierre with that song about me, "Ice Ice Baby". How you like Pierre now? You want Pierre's song list now tough guy? You even have my sidekick Todd Walsh's song list there....What is with that? When we were cruising the streets of Hollywood, people came up to us all day. Did they want Todd's autograph? No, No, No! They want Pierre's autograph like everybody does. Pierre's arm get tired from signing so many things. Pierre go through Sharpies quicker than he score goals.........Just when Pierre thought it could not get any worse after Walsh's have The Pack want to see dancing and dance music? Pierre is the original Rump Shaker, just ask Wreckx-N-Effect.........Anyway, Pierre got to do some interviews and then get in the gym to do some leg lifts. Give Pierre a call if you want the song list that will get America grooving like we do in Chicoutimi."
Wow! What can I say? That little puppet wannabee is out of his mind! However, why not let you the fans decide if Pierre's musical taste is worth a listen. Do I think he inspired Alicia Keys? Absolutely not! Do I think that he thinks he inspired Alicia Keys? Absolutely! Pierre is Pierre and I will leave it at that.
So with some reluctance we present the song selections of the little hockey loving snowman!

Click here to check out Pierre's Coyotes Trax

Check back next week as Peter Mueller joins Coyotes Trax.

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