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by Staff Writer / Arizona Coyotes
By: Wendy Rubicam Evans - Scottsdale Health Magazine

The Coyotes are coming off of one of their best seasons in years, ending their 2009-2010 season in the Stanley Cup playoff quarterfinals, but there are still way too many empty seats in the house.
After being signed to a two-year contract in March, left wing Paul Bissonnette seems to be making it his mission to turn Phoenix into a hockey town. “We’re always looking to improve,” he says. “That
sounds cliché, but it’s really the case, as well as keeping this team here, getting fans in the building, and turning this into a winning franchise.”

Coming from Canada, where hockey reigns supreme, Bissonnette is hoping that the Coyotes’ recent show of strength will build fan energy and pack the house in Glendale. “There’s five million people in the area within an hour radius, I think,” he calculates. “So, you’re telling me we can’t get 17,000 people to a game? That’s hard to absorb.”

While Valley fans may not be as hockey-crazy as their neighbors to the north, Bissonnette is using his notoriety to put a spotlight on the Coyotes. Better known in the world of social media as @BizNasty2point0, Bissonnette says that his infamous Twitter feed has helped build awareness for the Coyotes franchise. He insists that he “tweets” whatever is on his mind and that the social media feed is just a way to have fun and be himself. “It’s exactly who I am,” he’s quick to point out. “I don’t have anyone at home here, so I just talk to the fans basically through Twitter and get a rise out of them and let them into the life of an NHL hockey player.”

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